Build a Mission 2.4.6


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- Script Hook V
- NativeUI 1.7
- Script Hook V .NET
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

See readme for info on usage.

- < Fan page by SomeoneAlive

Allows you to make basic missions.
Features objective types like destroy vehicle, kill actor, get vehicle and checkpoint.

Known bugs:
Sometimes AI does not work. Canceling and restarting the mission should work.

Comes with 12 demo missions.
Links to more missions.
Note: When using missions made in other regions. You will have to play them one time using installed missions first before they will show up on the map when load all missions is checked.

Now using AMLSNativeUI.(included)

Targeting ScriptHookVDotNet again.
Removed ACLSNativeUI.dll caused problems with menu not updating the descriptions for component variations.

Fixed deliver trailer to work with long trailers.
Targeting ScriptHookVDotNet2.
Added AMLSNativeUI.dll

Added Halloween, Blizzard and Current to weather.
Added some model names to cops and gangs.
Moved up invincible checkbox in actors.
Changed to not save a mission if no title is entered.

Fixed so when spawning vehicles they will spawn as shown and not rotate like on uneven surfaces.
Added check to get fallow cam mode when loading, creating, or switching placement mode.
And return to that mode when switching back.
Moved seat position in actors/edit actors higher up in menu(by request).
Fixed a bug where actors were spawning on wrong objective number.

1: Changed to not force first person when changing to place from the ground.
You can go into first person if you close the menu first.
2: Added back numpad keys to move placement position from the ground.
3: Fixed task seq from being placed in air when placing items from the ground.

Changed the placement system.
Bug warning if you hit the R key while placing items the item will disappear. This may be followed by a game crash.
The U key toggles walking on ground/free mode.
Controller movements, left thumb stick to move, triggers to zoom in/out, bumpers to rotate, (Controller only) right thumb stick move placement position.
Keyboard movements, WASD to move, T&Y to zoom in/out, Q&E to rotate.
Modified task Seq plane land start/end.
Fixed a bug that wanted level would not disappear for objective 11.
Turned off alarms at airport, prison, and fort if max wanted = 0.
Changed drive task from long range to short unless distance is larger than 2000.
Fixed blips not showing up for entervehicles.
Added 3 models.
Cops/Gov blackops
Main characters IGPAIGE and CSBPAIGE
Fixed tasks 17, 18, and 19 not working for kill actor.

Fixed boats spawning in air.
Added check if exits for pickups to stop crashing when unloading mission.
Fixed multiple bugs in actors, vehicles, cutscenes, pickups, props, and objectives.

Fixed task sequences DriveWander, and VehicleFollow(Player).
Fixed some errors when saving props.

Changed key to continue after mission complete to jump button.
Fixed deliver vehicle objective to create a checkpoint even if already in vehicle.
Removed some cutscene models that had in game equivalents.
Fixed a bug that was not requesting model when loading a mission.

Fixed a bug when loading a mission. Cut scenes time, shake, amplitude, and trans would be set wrong.

Fixed teleport not working.
Made some changes to Tasks.
Fixed props from spawning under ground if far away.

Fixed a bug in deliver actor.

Forgot to include bam.dll

Set compiler to release the debug was causing some timeouts when using task sequences.
Removed force cleanup this should stop problems with other mods.
Fixed LOD when loading a mission with vehicles far away they would explode.

Fixed so you can play with other characters.

Fixed wanted level not working.
No longer resetting weather after mission compete.
Fixed bug that actors could not drive boats
Decreased blip size for most things.
Edited all missions with kill actor objectives.
Last update an option to not have a blip for the kill actor objective was added.
myobjectivehasdestinationPos was used. And blip will not show for missions that have already bean made.
If you have missions with an kill actor objective. You will have to edit the Objectives.txt.
Example if you have a mission with kill actor for objective 1. Find it in Objectives.txt
And change it like so.
Objectives[1]myobjectivehasdestinationPos = False
Objectives[1]myobjectivehasdestinationPos = True

Added option to set if objective actor has a blip or not.
Fixed a bug that actors would drive slow when using task enter vehicle and drive to waypoint.
Fixed a bug that vehicles would not load for objectives 10-19 when editing.
Fixed wanted level not changing in objectives.
Fixed bug that would not delete pickups. (character no longer drops all collected pickups upon death)
Changed play random mission to be more random.
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.9.3

Changed enter title function to remove any , . / \
Changed limit of installed missions from 100 to 200.
Changed code for load all missions to reduce FPS drop.
Moved menu position down to prevent the top being cutoff at high resolutions.
Added mission chopper tail.

Added some missing weapons.
Added set Time of day.
Added stunt props.
Changed min max health and armor to 0-1000.
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.9.2

Added more contact icons for txt notifications.

Fixed bugs when loading and saving pickups.

Fixed kill all actors not working on objectives 2-20.
Changed guard position task for actor objective not to stand and do nothing.

Changed to not set weather in director mode.
Changed To use a, w, s ,d keys when in placement free mode.

Fixed a bug that would crash if using director mode.
Note: when using director mode you can not use the free mode.
Added option to enter objective text for the startpoint.
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.9.2

Changed to clear most peds and vehicles, freeze time, and turn off all alarms when making a new or loading an existing mission to edit.
Added free mode.
Key: U toggle placement view Walk on ground / free mode
Key: I Move up when in placement mode 2 (free mode)
Key: K Move down when in placement mode 2 (free mode)
W/A/S/D Move slow forward left backward right (free mode)
Shift/MouseLeftButton Fast Move forward only when up in air (free mode)
Ctrl Fast Move backward only when up in air (free mode)
Extended component variation list to 138.
Changed teleport to not fall threw the ground.
Added blips when placing/loading most items.
Corrected actor objective tasks to display task seq 15-19 instead of 9-13.
Fixed some bugs if using a keyboard some things that were displayed would not go away when backing out of the menu.
Added mission demo10
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.8

Changed trailers to automatically attach to vehicles.

Added Ambient Music
Added Text Messages
Added Load All Missions Option this will load a blip for each installed mission and they can be started by going to the marker.
Added check to see if a task sequence exists when set for an actor to stop it from crashing if no sequence exists.
Changed deliver vehicle to allow use of more than one vehicle in a group. Note the gps route was removed. Use get in vehicle then deliver vehicle if you want a gps route.
Simplified the Objective check to a single function getting rid of of redundant code. This will speed things up when loading.
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.7

Added Play Random Mission
Added Task Sequences
Fixed a bug were objective actor could not be targeted.
Updated to Script Hook V .NET v2.6.2

Changed check objectives to not hang and crash.

Updated edit actors/vehicles.
Added waypoints.
Added tasks walk, jog, run, drive and fly heli to waypoint.
Added list of all objectives displayed when any objective menu is open.
Added objective leave area.
Some other bugfixes.

Finished Component Variations.

Targeted the wrong version of .net in 1.9a

Added LoadAllObjectives to Keys.txt
Set to 0 to load objectives 1-20 at start and set to 1 to load 1-10.
Use 1 if you get a [ERROR] Script 'buildamission' is not responding! Aborting ... followed by
at buildamission.LoadObjective18() or another number
If 1 is used you will notice pause after objective 10 while loading 11-20.
Fixed crashing when using a model other than main characters after dead.
Added buttons for Component Variations Note: components do not save to be finnished later.

Changed maximum objectives per mission from 10 to 20.
Add vehicle objectives collect and deliver Trailer, with Tow Truck, with Cargobob.
Added collect and deliver Container with Cargobob.
Added Cargobob Props for use with collect and deliver Container with Cargobob.
Fixed some bugs that would crash while saving and loading.
Edit actors and vehicles only works for objectives 0-9 to be finnished later.
Changed vehicle heath meter to time bar style from NativeUI.
Still Using scripthookvdotnet-2.4

Added Objective Pickup

Added Scenarios List
Added Can Exit Vehicle To Actors
Updated to NativeUI 1.6.1
Still Using scripthookvdotnet-2.4

Fixed a bug with AI.
Still Using scripthookvdotnet-2.4

Fixed a bug with AI.

Fixed a bug with AI.

Added Range To GoTo Actor and Deliver Actor.
Fixed a bug when setting wanted level to 3.
Changed gaurd position debug sphere to 1/2 size.

Added Change To Respect And Set To Wander To Deliver Actor Objective.
Fixed a bug that actors would not fly heli.
Fixed a bug when rotating items with keys.
Added change and set max wanted level for objectives.
Some small bugfixes.

Added the following Actor Settings:
Relationship Respect: Actors set to respect wont fight against your player, friends, bodyguards, or enemies.
Group Numbers to assign actors for objectives.
Guard/Wander range to be used with GuardCurrentPosition and WanderAround.
Can Leave Guard Range to be used with GuardCurrentPosition.
Vehicle Fallow Distance to be used with Vehicle Fallow. You can set multiple actors at different distances to create a convoy behind your player.
Added Seeing Range and Hearing range.
Added GoTo Actor Objective you can only use one actor per objective.(Use actors set to respect for rescue missions. And select change to bodyguard to use diliver actor next objective.)
Added Deliver Actor Objective you can only use one actor per objective.(Use with bodyguards so they will fallow.)
Added Enable Director Mode checkbox to main menu. (Must enable before using director mode.)

Added DeliverVehicle
Added Cutscenes
Cutscenes are played at the start of an objective.
To add a cutscene at the beginning of a mission select objective 0.
Set cutscene point duration.(sets time in seconds)
Select add cutscene point. A cam prop will be placed to represent a cam point. Enter text.
You can place up to 10 points for each cutscene.
Warning your character will be defenceless during cutscenes.

Added 2nd task list for actors. Tasks enter plane and attack, Enter land Vehicle and fallow and Enter Pane and fallow.
Added Health Armour Invincible to actors

Added loadblipnames to keys.txt.

Fixed a bug with lose wanted level looping to the last objective.

Removed mission flag so you can save your game after a mission. And you can see non mission enemy blips.
Because the mission flag was removed you will need to set your phone profile settings to sleep before running a mission.
Or else you will loose gps blip routes and frieds/bodygurds may turn on you.
Added IgnoredByEveryone and IgnoredByPolice set to false at start of mission and end to combat a bug where mission and non mission enemies
would stop fighting against your character.
Added wanted level change to all objectives.(Will not override max wanted level set in mission settings. Max wanted level must be over 0 to take effect.)
Added Lose wanted level objective.
Added More trash talk mission.
Some small changes bug fixes

Fixed a bug with enemies not shooting in some situations.
Fixed a bug with the wanted level.

Fixed a bug that actors would not enter and flee in a plane.
Added edit Default/Random Variation for Actors.
Added Group numbers to "mark" Vehicles.
Vehicles marked with a number other then 0 can be used for objectives and spawn on any objective on or before that objective.
Added Destroy Vehicles and Get In Vehicles Objectives. These use marked vehicles and will replace Get Vehicle and Destroy Vehicle.

Added edit actors and edit vehicles.

Added Default/Random ComponantVariation for Actors.
Added Pickups option for Actor objective.
Added Kill All Enemies to Actor objective. (When selected any enemies spawned in the previous objective will have to be killed to complete the objective)
Changed Enemy Blips to show on minimap only after engaged in combat.

Fixed a bug actors would not attack player.
Added separate lists for Main Characters, Cops/Gov., Gangs, Animals, and Random Actors.

Added bodyguards to relationships
Added task 7 HELI PROTECT
some bugs and fixes mostly to the tasks and relationships

1.3 see readme

1.2 update for Script hook V Script Hook V .NET you may need to reinstall
Visual C Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
added Keys.txt to set key bindings.
added Halloween & Lowrider vehicles.

1.1 Fixed a problem with selecting vehicles.
Changed the menu color and removed some no longer needed buttons.

1.0 first release
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