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Watch Your Death is a project I'm working on that's an attempt to stop the death/wasted event from showing unless you want it to. It basically keeps the character from dying under any circumstances, so you can enjoy the show after your death.

Known Bugs:
- Character becomes invincible randomly if using super jump
- There is still a bug with the player becoming silent completely after "dying"
- With the way the mod works the health bar is currently useless.
- Death can occur if player is in vehicle that is on fire then blows up

- .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher)
- Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet

Controls For Keyboard:
Y - Slow motion toggle
R - Kill character/show wasted screen after "dying"
L - Revive character in place

Controls For Controller:
Hold A/X and press down on D-Pad - Slow motion toggle
RB/R1 - Kill character/show wasted screen after "dying"
LB/L1 - Revive character in place

- Copy "Watch Your Death.dll" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder
- Copy "WYD.ini" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder (If updating from an older version, check the changelog to see if any changes have been made to the config file. If not, then you don't need to do this step.)

- Added animations to character when "dying" in vehicle (Still needs some work but it's a start)
- Added visible damage to the character after falling and "dying" or after being in a vehicle that blows up
- More random bug fixes
- Adjusted the ragdolls
- Fixed a few controller bugs
- Fixed bugs when using director mode/switching models causing the ped to go into a ragdoll and not being able to revive them
- Peds that are in combat with character will now wander around and continue doing what they were doing instead of fleeing if the character "dies"
- Random small bug fixes
- Reworked the high fall system
- Removed the "O" key
- Removed the "B"/"O" button
- Fixed a bug that made the character invincible after using a parachute
- Added an option in the config file to turn off the death notification
- Added a config file
- Added controller support
- Added a slow motion toggle
- Fixed a bug where the character would "die" after switching character models
- Fixed a bug where the character can die while in a car that blows up from being on fire
- Fixed a bug where the character wouldn't get up after pressing the "L" key if the character was laying on some objects
- Fixed a bug where the character can die after ramping in a vehicle while being low to the ground
- Added pedestrians fleeing as a test to stop enemies from still wanting to kill you after you've "died"
- Added the "O" key to combat the high fall bug. The "O" key when pressed while falling with a parachute, with turn your character into a ragdoll to hopefully prevent the bug from happening.
- Added the high fall system back with some reworked parts. The freeze bug still occurs occasionally and it seems to only happen when the character goes into a ragdoll while parachuting. It doesn't happen consistently so its hard to pinpoint the cause
- Removed the ragdoll to parachute animation that occurred when falling. Now your character will no longer recover when falling and go into a parachute free fall instead you will remain as a ragdoll
- You can no longer revive the character while in the air
- Added knock ped off vehicle when dying while on a motorcycle/bicycle to make it look more realistic
- Fixed bug that would make it possible to die after switching characters
- Removed the instant pop up after pressing the "L" key, instead the player now gets up with an animation
- Removed the system that prevents death from a high fall until I can find a better fix
- Possible fix when using another mod to give health killing the player. You should now be able to heal yourself through a trainer/mod
- Added facial animation upon death for women
- Added notifcation upon death
- Initial closed beta release
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