Star Mansion [MLO / YMAP / SP / FiveM] 2.0.1a


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Star Mansion
by JDeezNutz


Special Thanks

Welcome to the release of Star Mansion 2.0, more movie accurate than ever!
We hope you like and appreciate the work involved.

Note: FiveM Star Mansion 2.0 currently does not have scripts


- Texture fixes

- MiniMaps
- Lods
- Lights/ Lighting
- Cargen
- Glass fx
- Working House A.i. Hud
- Working HubLift
- Working TV's
- Working Garage System; Total of 6 spaces, House A.i. will organize your cars for you
- 'A Secret Script'
- 'The Secret Cinema' - who can find it? :P
- Entrance Wall/ Gates
- Entrance Carpark
- Tennis Court
- Helipad
- Texture Blended
- Complete Exterior Rework
- Reworked Scenic driveway
- Reworked Terrain
- Reworked Entrance hallway
- Reworked Piano & Bar room
- Reworked Living room
- Reworked Gym room
- Reworked Outdoor Party Hut w/ Swimming pool
- Reworked Master Bedroom with Master Bathroom
- Reworked Office room
- Reworked Gym Steam room
- Reworked Gym Showers
- Reworked Business Area
- Outdoor Swimming pool w/ Tanning area
- Underground Medical room & Suit Armory
- Swimming!

Model Credits:

- New Star Mansion model by JDeezNutz and Raymax which includes new grass terrain, model improvements, new cliffside, new rooms, interior, art statues and various other pieces modeled.

- Custom models created by JDeezNutz

- Cinema screen/wall and upper stairs model used, created by: 'user submit'

- Bookcase model used, created by: Michael Singh

- Textures from and multiple sources; google

-">Background photo created by wirestock -

Starfield by: Chester Design

- Original Star Mansion shell by Ryan P. from

- Vision model by KittyInHiding

- Entrance Mannequin Statues by Shepp69

- GTA V props

- Images found on google under the following tags: Sci Fi, Modern Art, Palm Leafs


- Open OpenIV and travel to '...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks'

- Make a new folder and call it 'Starmansion'

- Drop the dlc.rpf file from my download in to the Starmansion folder you just created

- Next, travel to '...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data'

- Make sure you are in 'Edit Mode' and right click on the 'dlclist.xml' and click 'Edit'

- Copy the last line from the dlclist that shows an added dlc - paste underneath and replace the relevant section with this dlcpacks:/Starmansion

- Copy the files from the 'GTA V DIRECTORY FOLDER' and place in your gta v directory/ install location

- You're all set, load up GTA and explore the mansion!


- Essentially the entire mesh build was redone; and all full MLO now, with true mirrors and such;

- Comes with talking House A.i. hud;

- A preloaded garage is awaiting you (for any of the main protagonists). Works the same as in shaq's famous DP Apartment;

- Working elevator pad in garage;

- Working TVs and radios in the building;

- Full lods;

- Mini-maps for all areas;

- Full texture blends on all terrain;

- Tennis court added;

- New wall and floor texturing (including specular lighting);

- Swimmable water in all pools

- Grandiose new terrace;

- Step outside to all new balcony!

By downloading this download you are agreeing to NOT Edit/Modify these files in any way possible, the only exception is during Installation of the Mod to OpenIV!
Also if you are a Youtuber or upload a video to social media containing this mod you must mention the creator
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