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    @fareediraqi92 Hey Bro, Loving your video upload.

    However I see you're facing an issue with positioning of the sixth star, which is way out of alignment. What monitor screen resolution are using & did you check out the other recommendations size inputs, for screen resolutions that are not of 1080p?

    il y a 1 jour
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    What....what is this stuff??

    il y a 3 jours
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    Love the innovation & implementation of these ideas.

    il y a 4 jours
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    Bro never disappoints in this department!

    il y a 7 jours
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    @Audinokill First off, awesome video Bro, almost thought it was a new Mod release or something, Lol.

    Now for your question regarding increasing NPCs (I'm assuming you mean the Peds/Vehicle you've assigned to spawn) shooting range. I'm only aware of this for vehicle shooting ranges; as your video showed a, Surface-to-Air Missile guided launch, against the approaching Aircraft.

    So this would be particularly tailored to that specific vehicle, therefore the weapons.meta & Handling.meta files would be the first place to look into.

    il y a 9 jours
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    @fareediraqi92 It appears you must be new to modding. Let me give you a brief breakdown on what this means & how my Visual Basic Script mod works (.vb).

    Dll (or .dll format) which stands for "Dynamic-link library" or simply 'Application Extension', is mostly used when developers are using C# programming languages, as it gives a wide host of functionality & tools for mod scripting creation. However please note, although some time you may even find a 'Configurable File' that comes along with the dll, called a "Config File" or .ini extension, this is mostly used to modify some layers of the mod & option settings, but not all of it. For the most part, the mod is hard-coded & cannot be edited.

    Now in the case of "Visual Basic" language mods, like the Army Mod (Army At SixStars), the entire mod script is Open-sourced & can be modified to ones liking, given they have an understanding of basic VB scripting language & comprehension.

    So in conclusion, GTA5 Mod scripts can indeed be found in a variety of formats (C++/.asi, C#/.dll, VB/.vb, etc...) to play & test from.

    il y a 10 jours
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    @eduardoandrade2000 Basta colocar os dois arquivos baixados (dll & ini) em sua pasta de scripts. O ini é onde você pode fazer ajustes e alterações para seus Aviões/Helicópteros específicos que deseja usar. Siga as instruções do Leia-me, que está em inglês.

    14 septembre 2023
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    @fareediraqi92 Download v1.03 on here, which is the current latest. I have removed 1.02 from here. The Read Me is mostly meant for instructions on running the game mod.

    12 septembre 2023