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This mod is a continuation of Authors "5mith" original 'Six stars Army' mod, but with a vastly revamped & re-designed visual basic script structure.
Allowing for seemingly similar experience at first, but you'll soon be met with greater expanded scenario's & realistic Military responses, that makes it truly more engaging,
visually appealing & bringing fast paced action packed moments. This is designed to work really well with other general "Enhanced/Expanded Dispatch Mods", however there is one small caveat players need be aware of, Any Enhanced dispatch mods must not involve or be able to dispatch military units at 5 or a native/non-native 6 stars, as that would then raise the risk of potential conflicts between this mod & its integrated unit dispatches, otherwise it should perfectly well & recommended with other dispatches.

Overall this script spawns army vehicles & Ped's from there corresponding Federal & Military Agencies, when player has met a certain 'crime level' at predetermined value, after having reached 5 stars. Then a Non-native Gold/Yellow SixStars will appear, to indicate player has reached the highest threat level there is in Los Santos,
& therefore appropriate actions is taken by the aforementioned Agencies, against Player & any of their allies.
Users will be able to edit & configure most of the vehicles, Ped models, weapons, weapon components & frequency of dispatch, directly in the visual Basic script of the mod. Though it is advised to keep original backup copy, in case you make mistakes & want to revert back.

'Army At SixStars' comes in two versions:

Basic - For typical players which to drop file & play right out of the box, without any pre-requisits needed, relying solely on original vanilla game model vehicles & Peds.
Now it is to be noted, there will be some few features not added to basic version, so to keep it consistent with any Hardware use performance, i.e. low-end to medium end.

Ultimate - This version relies largely on DLC add-on models for its incredible range of diversity in Peds, vehicles & props lineup. Bringing user a modern type warfare scenario, with some of the latest military units out there, & action engagements responses.
Which even includes an open sea warfare with Battle-ships & Nuclear Subs!

A list for the tested & current use models is provided in the files, in order to properly experience the Ultimate edition for this script.
Though I will add to keep in mind, the list supplied is only a baseline to work with, & users are free to replace such units with their own models.

HOW TO INSTALL: Simply placed the "Army v2" folder for the basic version, directly into your script folder.

If you wish to use the Ultimate version, then placed the "Army v3" folder directly into your script folder, however please make sure the "Army v3" folder is the ONLY folder being placed in your games script folder, & not alongside the "Army v2" folder, likewise same situation when using only Basic version.


ScripthookVDotNet2 v3.5 or above

Recommended Requirements:

"AirForce Intercept When Wanted" Mod

Advised Support Requirements:

OpenIV (For installing dlc's)
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Heap Adjuster
Dismemberment Mod
Weapon Limits Adjuster
Resource Adjuster Mod
Boat Weapons Enabler
Simple Trainer
Add Peds Generator (for installing custom DLC peds of your choice)

Reported Bugs:
User may experience some minor bugs from time to time, as this mod is still considered in its Beta phase, however the overall experience will make this negligible for most. Improvement updates will definitely be done over course of time. A Fail-safe Full Script "Restart" function has been implemented for ease of use, by using the " - " or Minus key..

Change Log:

v1.0 -
Official Release!

v1.1 -

> Made some additional improvements for Unit spawning on both the 'Basic' & 'Ultimate' versions.

> Corrected some left over errors in some areas. Still a work in progress.

> Added an additional Check List Item Review helper, for those who had some difficulty with the installation process on the Ultimate version.

v1.2 -

> Removed/Disabled "Coast Guard" Unit from the 'Basic' Edition, & instead introduce a new Agency unit called "Paratroopers", which is already available in the 'Ultimate Edition'.
No changes made made to 'Ultimate version'.

> Removed/Disabled "AirForce Heli" Select Group Unit from the 'Basic' Edition, & instead introduce a new Agency unit called "Space Force", which is already available in the 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Made General improvements to the conditional dispatch spawning scenario's for all units in the 'Basic' & 'Ultimate' Editions!

> Revised Some & Added New 'Group Ped Select' functions for increasing variety of Ped add-ons & customization to dispatch units, for most Agency branches, available in both the 'Basic' & 'Ultimate' Editions!

> Improved Various Agency Units, such as the "CIA Ops." Bike Unit, for better & more realistic heart-pounding motorcycle chases against game player when on high speed bikes or vehicles. Added the option for mounting a second Ped operative as passenger. In both the 'Basic' & 'Ultimate' Editions!

> Added new Vector Spawn positions for Motorcycle dispatches!

> Fib Tactical Agency Unit, has now been removed & renamed to "Special Ops." Unit from the 'Basic' Edition, which is mainly used for Juggernaut Ped's or other customizable add-on peds of user choice. Only found in the 'Basic' Edition!
No changes applied to the 'Ultimate version'.

> Added ability to customize default Submarine color, livery, under-water light intensity & speed boosts, from the 'Navy Sub' unit dispatch division. Available in both 'Basic' & 'Ultimate' Edition.

v1.3 -

> Fixed some missing coding that prevented 'Army v2 version' from starting up, thus showing up multiple errors when attempting to load.

v1.4 -

> Added Additional & Better Overall Army Troops Spawning Conditions! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Added Additional & Better Overall Special ops. & Fib Tactical Unit Spawning Conditions! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Introduced More Mini-Gun Carry For The "Juggernaut" Peds! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Added Additional & Better Overall Army Ground Tank Spawning Conditions. Army Tank Units Will Now Spawn If Player Enters Into Any Military Vehicle, & Any Heavy Armored DLC Add-on Vehicle! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Army Ground Tank Units (Ai) Now Have The Ability To Switch There Vehicle Weapons At Will!

> Improved Naval Battleship Offensive Response. Expect Moderate-To-Heavy Bombardment When In Close Proximity Of The Destroyer Ship! For 'Ultimate Edition' Only.

> Added Working Night/Search Lights For Some Marine Vehicles! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Added Flashlight Weapon Components For Navy Seal Marine Peds, especially When Out At Sea! For Both 'Basic version' & 'Ultimate Edition'.

> Introduced 3 New 'Call Of Duty' Custom DLC Peds Add-on (Shout out to Author: oliver8979). For The CIA Ops. Division, ParaTrooper Unit, & Fib Tactical Unit! For 'Ultimate Edition' Only.

> Introduced The Mini-Tank, For The 'Ultimate Edition'!

> Slight Overall Improvement To The Newly Designed & Expanded 'Ped Group Selection Function'!

> Added Further Explanation's To The "How To" Direction Methods & Prerequisite DLC Add-on List, & ReadMe Instruction File!

v1.5 -

> Major Improvement Upgrade made to the Script Spawn Counts, which now is much better self-regulated & keeps any excesses units from causing issues & gets removed smoothly & quickly. Hence possible better system performance will result, without sacrificing User Performance. Expect some better FPS than before!

* Added A New Additional 'crime trigger' points condition, like stealing any police vehicle, which now carries the highest consequence for commencing 6-star wanted level.

> Made Improvements to scripts overall Agency Division & Ped Unit Names, for better script code readability, code conciseness & hence improving overall game mod performance.

> Introduced A New Ped Select Group, Called "NavySeal_Pedselect()" (For 'Ultimate Edition' only), & another Ped Group creation, called "SpaceForce_Pedselect()" (For both Basic & Ultimate Versions). These new Ped Group additions can easily be expanded & modified to any Ped model or 'custom Dlc peds' for your Army division, whenever/if needed.

> Improvements made to overall dispatch conditions; which keeps the many Army branches more engaged, calculative & decisive in their tactical related-responses; filled with unpredictabilty, bringing an array of arsenals & combat-engaging performances, making sure to leave nothing but shock, awe & lethality.

> Improvements made to 'Naval Fleet division' Battleships (Ultimate Edition Only), both in maritime speed navigation, enemy chase & targeting, & precision firing power (now featuring Vertical missile launch assaults by Ai drivers)!

> Improvements made to 'Naval Sub division', which includes boost in maritime speed navigation, under-water enemy targeting tactic, & above-water surface enemy targeting!

> Improvements made to Cargobob 'Paratrooper' dispatch logic, which now has better stealthy surprise arrivals & dramatic parachute landings, & a smooth Heli exit from the area once all peds fully discharge.

> Some New modern Army vehicle & Ped models added to the 'Utlimate Edition' version.

> General Overall script bug fixes!

Public Notice:

This Release is available only on! No selling or re-uploading on other sites is permitted, without prior written consent & approval!
Modifying any areas of this script is allowed, since its mainly Open-sourced, but for personal use only.
If any such permissions are granted and on, please give the proper credits/accolades to the original author.

Special thanks to: the Legend himself "JulioNIB" for bringing some highly valuable contributions to this project.

Special Shout out to all those who have inspired me with their own incredible advancements in the Dispatch Enhancement Department, most especially the "Realism Dispatch Enhanced" Team, these guys were definitely a head of there Time!

Don't forget to share, Like & Vote 5stars!

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