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Featuring vast highway lighting expansions and hundreds of meticulously placed detail lights across the map, this mod aims to add a much more immersive and vibrant night-time experience.

For more illustration, here is an album i put together to highlight as much as possible.

Added lighting areas include:
- Streets, rural roads and highways
- Buildings, parking lots, skate parks, paths, and alleyways
- Houses. Many more people will now leave their porch or garage light on :)
- Six gas stations
- LS Airport pick-up/drop-off entrances
- Richman golf course
- Richman Hotel
- Marina
- Michael's house
- Franklin's house (and neighbors)
- 'Island' community off Palomino Ave.
- Mirror park
- Maze Bank Arena outer surrounding parking lots
- Sisyphus Theater
- Vinewood Bowl
- Mission Row police station
- Premium Deluxe Motorsport
+ a lot more

Map of all locations found here
Video preview


Version 1.2 (Number of lights: 3907)
-added another 900 lights.
-fixed floating light.
-fixed a number of imperfectly positioned lights.
-changed multiple lighting configurations.

Version 1.1 (Number of lights: 3086)
-577 lights added.
-All lights are now destructible.
-Broke map files down properly into much smaller blocks with calculated extents.
-Added low LOD install option for those who don't want to edit gameconfig.xml and are willing to sacrifice draw distance.
-Changed some HPS lighting to LED
-Fixed a few floating lights. ...BUT there is one still out there! Help me find it!

Version 1.0 (Number of lights: 2509)
- Xml files converted to YMap add-on, courtesy of mapeditor to ymap converter by sollaholla.
- Added a lot more lighting.
- Added a 'lite' option with roughly 400 less lights than the full version.

Version 0.1 (Number of lights: 1260)
-Scrapped 0.0.3 map file and made a new one with better lighting, in better areas.
-Replaced much of the HPS (High-pressure sodium) lamps in 0.0.2 with LED lights
-Added another 600 or so lights total.
-The docks at the harbor in Vespucci are now lit up, and so boats parked there become illuminated
-Nearby parking lots and walkways around harbor also have more lighting
-Lights added all along the walkways/bridges around the man-made islands in Vespucci.
-Added lights to more gas stations around the city
-Upper level of airport is illuminated, but the lower part is not unfortunately, until next update.
-Check out Franklin's back yard..

Please refer to the detailed installation instructions included in the download.

- No distant LOD's. Once there is a tool to automatically create those files, I will update :)

Mods used for screenshots:
NaturalVision ✪ Remastered
LA Billboards
BMW 440i XDrive
Nissan 370Z Nismo Z34

sollaholla for his amazing ymap converter tool.
Felix Bartling (reditec) for OIV package creator
Neos7 for MapTools
Chromanova chillout radio :)
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