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    @sjaak327 I said the behaviour of the no cars option changed between versions of the trainer

    like, I do expect to see no cars in the street with this option enabled, but still sometimes (during missions for example) there are some scripted traffic events

    in older versions of the trainer, said scripted events played just fine even with the no cars option, but now, the scripoted traffic loads in and then despawn right after

    replay the mission "I fought the law" with no cars enabled with the current vesion of the trainer and then with version 10.8 and you will see what I'm trying to say

    25 janvier 2021
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    noticed an issue - in the most recent versions of the trainer when you have the no cars option enabled all the cars are constantly despanwing when the player gets near, even your personal vehicle, and the scripted traffic present on some ocassions (like the race around the country during I fough the law) - the cars just despawn right in front of you (this has nothing to do with dlc vehicles btw)

    I reverted to an older version, 10.8, and this issue does not happen

    22 janvier 2021
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    mission passed prompts are not quite right, see comparison

    first link old gen, second link is your mod

    14 octobre 2019
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    doesn't work for me

    game doesn't load, log file is not created

    event viewer window

    C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe

    I tried the 2013 c++ red you linked, still the same, current installed version is 12.00.40664.0

    4 octobre 2019
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    another bug like thing related to special abilities that may be worth mentioning: sounds sometimes glitch out when using trevor's ability

    easy way to eproduce is to get a wanted level, then the game will play some background dynamic music, then keep activating and deactivating trevor's ability. The sound will bug out, it's easier for you to listen than to me explain so if you have the time, try what I just said

    20 septembre 2019
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    small bug: when using simple weapon reticle, the size stays at minimum no matter size slide setting

    13 septembre 2019