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  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @seanflem first make sure the key is set in the community script hooks .ini is set to "Reload = Insert". While in-game press insert of the keyboard.

    9 octobre 2021
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @HKH191 Great Mod , I have a new bug to report and a couple of suggestions to address some annoyances.

    Bugs: With the current version I now have a bug that when I press the sprint key (A since I'm using a controller) data from the mod shows up over the hud as two notifications (eye color -1, head 0-0-0-0-0) which didn't happen in the version before *changeable keys* which I haven't edited. Note I am not using MPFreemodes as my companion, I am using Hooker3 since ver. 1.3.1 and was working fine before the update. Also the bug of entering companions apartment still exist (falling through the floor/map not loaded after entering). But asking to stay overnight loads the apartment just fine.

    TIPS to Address Annoyances/To Polish Mod: While using the pop up/top left menus (talk, interactions, etc) disable controls like using the phone, attack, weapon wheel or player control all together, while exploring the options to avoid immersion breaking annoyances and conflicts. I would suggest leaving some controls active like using the phone during context sensitive interactions like
    *Talk* -selected - (All controls disabled except maybe walking....maybe all controls disabled + freeze player and companion)

    *Holding companion* - selected - (Disable all controls except walking and using phone if using phone the *Stop* key changes to anything that doesn't conflict with using the phone as intended. If phone isn't in use the *Stop* key remains the same as triggering the interaction "default A")

    *Hug* selected (All controls disabled until the end of the animation) - now options reappear
    Etc...Etc..I'm looking forward to more updates and seeing where this mod goes the potential is there and the work already done is appreciated. You're basically restoring a feature from GTA IV that stupid ass Rockstar removed completely for some reason while brainstorming over cups of Bean Machine and The Housers gave it a thumbs up instead of building upon what existed.

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    9 octobre 2021
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @toyota12345 dope mod, maybe add a third and final respawn location as one of the open graves, add the animation from waking up from a save or getting up from ragdoll, and it's definitely a permanent mod. There was one similar awhile ago that made it so we respawned in one one of the hospital ymapsyears but since yours implements more of a mini-game style alternative to respawning, just thinking there should be an option for the people who will want to opt out of the mini-game aspect but still want something other than respawning at the hospital to freshen up their game.

    5 mai 2021
  • 74021c fierfenesse
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    In what order should I install your maps to have LS, SFLV, and VC all show up. I had LS, and SFLV both working together installed VC now SF in chopped and the minimap doesn't work properly

    20 mars 2021
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @Alex106 ight cool

    5 septembre 2019
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @Alex106 Will this conflict with WOV as well as the new Gang of Los Santos Integration? I've checked and there you both share 14 of the same files

    4 septembre 2019
  • 74021c fierfenesse
  • 74021c fierfenesse
  • 74021c fierfenesse

    @Zer0Cool Have you tried this mod with DOV with the same installation order you stated just adding DOV after WOV? I also use the order you have now? Just wanted to use DOV as well

    21 août 2019