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    @Matisek Hmm could it be you need to change to another gameconfig.xml file? Maybe you just have too many map addons at once?

    @Tactical_Potato Haha, I didn't answer you because it's just a stupid question in my opinion; it's so obvious you didn't even take the time to watch the screenshots or read some previous comments. Again, the map is NORTH EAST of the Mount Gordo, if you'd even know where that is. I'm really sorry to say this and don't normally do this, but you're just a noob and probably a wannabe-troll too. So who are you to judge?

    il y a 10 jours
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    @Matisek Thank you so much for the well deserved 2,5 stars... No but why do you say 10/10 then at first :p No but I mean, why would you need LODs for max 256x256 textures on a max 1500 poly model, from 2004 in a 2013 game? I really think it's better I put my time in traffic, interiors, collision fixes, model normals fixes, bridge connecting, etc...

    @Stryfaar Thanks :) yes I have considered replacing it with GTA5 vegetation, but the palm trees and pine trees look nearly as good in my opinion, plus they give an extra touch. Though, there are some small bushes that would look better if they would be the GTA5 models and textures. I will think about it!

    @Reacon Thank you for the explanation, and I'm glad the other No Boundary Limits mod worked for you!

    @josketer I understand what you mean. There are indeed still many holes in the map. This is because some props/houses are not converted yet. Some objects are difficult to find in the GTA IVSA files, and it's not always easy to find the correct .wpl files for the right .wdr files, and convert them the right way. This also explains why trees and traffic lights have no collision yet: I'm still messing around with .ybd files.

    @Makinofaman29 Thank you for the compliment. As stated above, LODs are in my opinion a little unnecesarry and would take a lot of time I better put in something else. Textures are the San Andreas original ones, maybe I try to add HD textures in the future but that's not something that will be done immediately.

    @MrGTAmodsgerman Thanks, and you are right, some models don't have the right smoothing groups, and I was aware of that. The problem is all models are (of course) triangulated and there are a lot of unwelded vertices. If I want to add correct smoothing groups, I would have to quadrify all models and weld all the right vertices... I may try to add smoothing groups to the terrain, because that is the most visible with the hard edges.

    @EliChanGTAJPTR I may add some F1 circuits in the future, I will see. My Spa Francorchamps mod will be updated too probably.

    @ShakeZone Thanks! Yes I really hope some people make traffic paths because it's just impossible to do it all by myself.

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    il y a 10 jours
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    For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths.

    The holes in the map are places where there still need to be placed some houses. I am working on that, but it's not easy to find the right .wdr files and .wpl files from GTAIVSA.

    Interiors are coming in a future update. This will include the casino interiors.

    @Reacon You need to install the No Boundary Limits mod, like said above. You need that mod for every map mod that exceeds the boundaries... And this map mod is as near as possible at the GTA 5 original map... It's just north of Mount Gordo... No reason to rate only 3 stars man.

    @RJ-7 Hi, yes this map is far away from Dubai Islands :) It will not conflict.

    @rollschuh2282 No LODs yet. I don't think I will put time and work in that, as San Andreas is a 2004 game and GTA 5 should easily be able to handle the 'HD' models.

    11 février 2019
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    Please find the fixed version (0.1.1). Previous version (0.1) could cause crashes in some cases because of an empty mesh (vgnmall1_2.ydr). So everyone having problems with 0.1, please download the new version!

    @Indica Sun The file is in the sflv.rpf archive, which is inside the dlc.rpf. You can also just download the new version and try that.

    10 février 2019
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    @Indica Sun @LS_Oculus Please try removing "vgnmall1_2.ydr" from the sflv.rpf file. That might fix it. Please test it and tell me if it works :) so then I can upload an updated version.

    10 février 2019
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    @blinkt Good question, I forgot to tell this in the description: I will probably make traffic paths, but anyone who wants to make paths can do it. It would really help me a lot if some people could help me creating paths. It would take me months to create them for the whole map I think.

    10 février 2019
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    @Indica Sun Make sure you add this line to dlcpacks.xml :

    If it still keeps crashing you may need to use a custom gameconfig.xml file.

    10 février 2019
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    @thiagoandradevitoria @RJ-7 Hello, excuse me for the somewhat late reply. I see you both ask me to move the map. Let's just say, me myself i will not do that. I do appreciate your requests and feedback for sure! But here are some reasons on why I will not move the map anymore:

    - I consider this project as as good as completed, maybe some small improvements later;
    - I'm currently working on another big GTA V map mod, it's maybe the largest project I've been working on after this Dubai map. I would like to keep this project as a kind of surprise so I will not yet say anything about what it is, stay tuned! :) ;
    - I've found work in real life so I got less and less time for mods, unfortunately...;
    - The big problem with this is also that i would have to redo all traffic paths from scratch, and probably they won't even work when finished;
    - Lastly, you both would like me to change the location, but some other people would like to just keep it in its place. It's personal, it depends on the situation whether you like the location of the map or not.;

    Those are the main reasons why i would like to keep the map in place.
    If you want you can move the map yourselves, for personal use. You need Autodesk 3dsMax 2014 or 2015 or 2016 for this.What you need to do is not difficult but it seems like a lot of work. Prepare yourselves for a lot of sh*t down here:

    - Decide where you would like to have the map. You can see and decide the coordinates on this website:
    (move the black/red arrow to your location in the sea and check the x-y coordinates). Example: x = -5350.957 ; y = -1782.113; x is from west to east (horizontal on map), y is from south to north (vertical on map).
    - The standard location where the center of Dubai map is located at the moment, is approximately (x = -2500; y = -1250). You will need to calculate the offset of my location, to your own chosen location.
    For the example i gave above, the offset would be:
    x: -5350.957 + 2500 = -2850.957
    y: -1782.113 + 1250 = -532.113
    (- and - is +)
    - Download YTools on this website (tool by skylumz).
    - Use the 'Ymap Mover' on the tool, open my .ymap files from my mod (extract using OpenIV) and enter the offset results you just calculated for x and y, not z, just leave z at 0.
    - Now import the new ymap files back with OpenIV.
    - The models are in place now, let's do the collision using 3dsMax. Import my .ybn files with Openformats .obn method using Gims Evo by 3Doomer.
    - We need to move the collision mesh files with the offset. When imported, click edit -> select by -> name. Then, in the select by name menu, we need to make sure to only display the 'geometry' and NOT the 'helpers'. So make sure that none of the icons are selected except from the geometry, (which is usually a circle i think). Then, in the same menu, click on the first geometry entity and then hit CTRL + A to select all other geometry entities at once. Hit ok, then right click on one of the selected geometry entities, and click on the small black square next to 'move'. This opens a menu.
    - Now, just enter the x and y offsets in the Offset:World section. Make sure you don't enter '+' before the number if you have a positive value or it won't work, and if you have a negative value don't forget to include the ' - ' sign before the number, of course. Hit enter, all geometry is now moved.
    - Then (make sure you still have selected all objects), go to hierarchy menu on the right which is usually the third icon. Click on 'affect pivot only' and move all pivots to x=0,y=0,z=0. You can just put the '0' in the x y z fields all the way down on your screen, but just make sure the icon left of 'x' there, says 'absolute mode transform type-in' before you move the pivots.
    - Now we are ready to export the collisions with Gims Evo, and import then back with OpenIV.
    - I think that's all, I hope I didn't forget anything. Yes this looks like a lot of work and probably looks like Chinese or Swahili, but if you follow the steps it should work I think. You can always let me know if you have any problems or don't understand.

    Enjoy! And Thiago, I really appreciate your effort with the yacht! You can send me a private message here and I will take a look, maybe I can include it in the map mod and of course i will credit you. We will see!

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    26 janvier 2019
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    @wangsihantiancai @wyvernone @meimeiriver and everyone for whose game crashed.
    Thank you for the help on this wyvernone, it's probably 99% fixed now. The new crash fixing version is now uploading. All who downloaded the premium version, can now download again from the link they got on Patreon. A new premium version is up. If you lost the link you can contact me!

    14 décembre 2018
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    @wyvernone I have sent you a private message here, regarding a fix for players whose game is crashing due to Yas Marina circuit.

    13 décembre 2018