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    After installing the map, some billboard on the Los Santos side will be rewritten at the second distance.

    If that doesn't happen, it's the best map!
    The drawing is not heavy!

    17 janvier 2022
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    @SilverFinish Woohoo! Thank you so much for update!!

    @LBGdyx I am in the default state, and even if I turn it on again, it works normally.

    22 octobre 2021
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    @thalilmythos Oh, I see.
    Thanks to you, I've come to understand how the .ini settings work.
    thank you.

    13 octobre 2021
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    I went to a police station and operated a computer.
    Can start the mission properly. (And of course I was able to complete the mission).
    Amazing! Excellent!!
    Thank you very much.

    9 octobre 2021
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    Is it possible to have a key that completely switches ON / OFF in the game?
    There are some battles that I don't want to see at all, so ...
    Skipping every time is hard ...

    3 octobre 2021
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    @JustDancePC Yes. Please.

    (I'm sorry if I may be mistaken but...)
    I think that "only police cars" is enough to start the mission from the vehicle as before.

    3 octobre 2021
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    I had a hard time getting a police car...

    It's a suggestion, but what about hacking a police computer near the police station to get started, or sneaking a look at the computer inside the police station?
    Lester is on your side.Hacking will be easy!

    Of course, it's important from a police car that can be started anywhere!

    I'm using a translator. I'm sorry if it's strange English.

    2 octobre 2021
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    However, I played many times and found one problem.
    The character placed in the trainer system will be selected as the target.
    And if it is invincible, the mission cannot be completed.

    I'm using a translator, so I'm sorry if it's strange English.

    18 septembre 2021
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    With the addition of chasing NPCs, the reality has increased at once.
    However, is it possible to prevent hostile NPCs from occurring at a fixed maximum number of NPCs or about half the distance to the meeting point (goal?)?
    It feels strange that an adversary will occur beside the meeting point.
    I'm not good at English, so I'm sorry if it's hard to understand.

    11 juin 2021
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    Most missions can be completed.
    There are also many gestures. Fun & wonderful!

    However, in aircraft carrier missions, pressing the "E" key in the control room causes the game to crash.

    Also, the skull mark will remain on the map even after the Humane mission is over.

    My game client is Epic's latest.


    30 mai 2021