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This script implements a primitive injuries system to the game by adding a bleeding and advanced melee damage system.

  1. Install ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV.NET
  2. Install NativeUI
  3. Drop the DLL into the scripts folder
  4. Start your game.

Bleeding System
When damage is sustained from a melee weapon (not unarmed) or a gun, then bleeding damage will also happen. Players will need to visit a hospital or call an ambulance in order to get rid of the bleeding damage over time. If they are bleeding, the player will take damage every 3 seconds.

If you don't go to a medic or hospital while you are bleeding, then the bleeding will get worse. The maximum amount is 10 health per 3 seconds, which is rather significant.

Shock System
If your character gets into brawls and firefights, there is one more thing to worry about while you kill bad guys - shock. Every time your character is hit by anything, they will get closer to passing out. If your character gets hit a lot in a short amount of time, they will get dizzy and eventually pass out.

Passing out
If your character loses too much blood or gets hit too much in a short period of time, they will pass out. In order to get back up, you'll need to press the SPRINT button (either on keyboard or controller) very rapidly. Enemies will continue to shoot and the police will continue trying to arrest you while you're down - so tap quickly to get up.

- Climbing with a high shock level will ragdoll the player.
- Camera smoothing increased.
- Reduced rate of recovery while in cover.

- Rewrote script to increase performance.
- Made camera smoother and more gradual.
- Removed unnecessary messages.
- Added NativeUI messages
- Damage while wearing armor now causes some shock damage
- Melee damage reduced by 1/3 to make melee fights more interesting
- Added controller support
- Added mechanism to automatically wake up the player from being knocked out after about 30 seconds (depends on how high their shock is).
- Tasers will now cause the player to enter ragdoll mode with high shock.
- Getting up after recovering is now much quicker and smoother.

- Initial Release

This file is a preview of the Injuries System on Blaine County Roleplay, a multiplayer roleplaying server for GTA 5 powered by the GTA Network Mod.
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