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This mod is left unfinished but it's developed well enough to be usable ingame. There's some things i wanted to change before the release, but i'll probably never do this so i'd rather release it the way it is now and let people enjoy it anyway! Though i will probably return to this mod one day and finish it up properly.

A modified marksman rifle variant of the Carbine Rifle chambered in 7.62×51mm. Now in a semi automatic long range mind-blowing fashion.

If you're familiar enough with beta content, you will know about the removed weapon called Assault Sniper.
* After doing enough research it's easy to say the original model was a placeholder.
* The model itself was edited M4 from GTA IV which was also originally used as the Carbine Rifle.
* With that being said, the model was outdated and it kind of sucks, so this mod was made with open mind.

The idea behing this mod is to recreate the cut Assault Sniper weapon but also update it to match the current quality standards much like Heavy Rifle from Contract update.
Thanks to merging multiple Rockstar assets (Carbine Rifle Base, Pump Shotgun Grip, M4 Stock, Unused Upscaled Railcovers, Modified Military Rifle Muzzle Brake and Custom Handguard) this is possible!

Not only it's a restoration of beta content but it also feels fresh enough to keep you entertained.

Mod Features:

-Fully animated
-Supported tints
-Working attachments
-Semi automatic
-Working icon
-Uses it's original beta sounds


Slot A:
* Standard Clip (Default)
* Classic Clip (Beta accurate model)
* Armor Piercing Ammo
* FMJ Ammo
* Incendiary Ammo

Slot B:
* Ironsights (Default)
* Fixed Scope
* Scope
* Advanced Scope
* Fixed Advanced Scope

Slot C:
* Suppressor

Slot D:
* Full Railcovers
* Side Railcovers
* Side Railcovers + Grip

Slot E:
*Front Ironsight (Default)
*Folded Front Ironsight
*Front Ironsight Delete

Slot F:
*Default Stock (Default, GTA 4 Stock)
*Carbine Stock (from Carbine Rifle)
*Mk II Tactical Stock (from Carbine Rifle Mk II)
*MOD.B Stock (from Military Carbine mod)
*Skeleton Stock (from Pump Shotgun)
*Mk II Full Stock (from Pump Shotgun Mk II)
*Padded Stock (Default but with padded Carbine Rifle-like texture)
*Precision Stock (from Precision Rifle)
*Service Stock (from Service Carbine)

Slot G:
*Yusuf Amir's Luxury Finish


* Black
* Green
* Gold
* Pink
* Army
* Police
* Orange
* Platinum
* Classic A (Black Features + White Barrel)
* Classic B (Dark Blue Features + White Barrel)
* Classic C (Olive Features + White Barrel)
* Classic D (Tan Features + White Barrel)
* Classic E (Desert Features + White Barrel)
* Classic F (Green Features + White Barrel)


* Rockstar Games - Original Assets.
* [REDACTED]/TheRaf3D1 - Handguard and MOD.B Stock.
* Slick (me) - The mod.
* Xinerki - Finding out that rockstar left a high quality image of Assault Sniper in Trilogy DE files which really helped out as a reference.


1.Open the zip and then drag and drop the "slick_assaultsniper" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.
2.Add slick_assaultsniper entry to dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (Look at original lines for reference).

Weapon spawn name is WEAPON_ASSAULTSNIPER. I recommend using Zolika's trainer because it automatically detects addon weapons and attachments making all of this much easier.
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