Military Rifle & Combatshotgun Edits 1.2


I really like the Military Rifle and Combat Shotgun so i made some Edits to their Metas. Hope you like it.


I am using NVE, it might look different if you use a different Graphic Mod

If the effects dont look like in the video you need to give yourself all weapons with a trainer first. this forces the game to load all weapon effects. Or add the Navyrevolver to load the needed effects.

Changes in 1.2
Removed the Flag OnlyFireOneShotPerTriggerPress.
If you want to keep this Flag install the meta from the Only One Shot Per Trigger Press Folder

Changes in 1.1
Added the Flag ForceEjectShellAfterFiring for visible shells
Thanks to sollaholla for his Forumpost about Weapons.meta Flags and Hashes
Thanks to Razed for his Weapon Edits in NVE
Recommended: Kill Cam

Use these Values in the Killcam.ini
// BOOL | Enable timecycle effects during Kill Cam
EffectEnable = true
// STRING | Timecycle to use
Effect = Heist_VaultGas01
// BOOL | Enable screen effects during Kill Cam
EffectScreenEnable = false
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