Faster Rate of Fire 2.0

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Hello. this is my version of more "realistic fire rate"

So far this mod replaces the rate of fire for the following weapons:
-combat pistol
-micro smg
-carbine rifle
-carbine rifle mk2
-combat mg mk2
-combat mg
-pistol mk2
-smg mk2
-sns pistol
-vintage pistol
-special carbine
-special carbine mk2
-heavy pistol

i could add it to more weapons if anyone would want that.

feel free to report any problems.

It's extremely recommended to back up your game files when installing any kind of mod, because if something goes bad it will be a pain in the ass to try to find the culprit / reinstalling the game.

also note that this is a very simple mod and you can modify the values yourself too if you'd like.

so let's say you want to modify the vintage pistol for example.

1. go to where ever the 2 meta files are located:
(gun name).meta and weaponanimations.meta
sometimes it varies, for now its weaponvintagepistol.meta but ^^weapon^^ doesn't always
come before the gun, carbineriflemk2 doesn't have it in front of it.

2. open (gun name).meta and look for this next section:

from here change


this makes the gun fire way more faster. and if you want it to fire slower for example then you increase the value.

3. open weapomanimations.meta

and look for




and remember to SAVE both files, now you are done.


You can find the installation paths in each of the folders.

(preferably with openiv and BACKUP your game files incase anything goes wrong.)

feel free to use and modify it to your liking.

credits goes to neinspam.
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