Ground Military Vehicles Pack [Add-On] 6.0

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Hello guys! :)

I got SkylineGTRFreak's permission to upload some of his mods as Add-Ons, and this is the second, a pack of ground vehicles which some of them weren't Add-Ons before!

HIGHLY RECOMENDED (Obligatory edited limits file to install more than 10 Add-On vehicles, otherwise your game will crash):
- Gameconfig for Limitless vehicles by @F7YO

REMEMBER: I'm not the owner of the mod, I just did an Add-On for it. To see his original files or get REPLACER (+ 1 Single Add-On) versions, please go to the following links:

- HMMWV ASRAD (Anti-Air) [Add-On]
- M1114 Humvee (unarmed) [Add-On]
- M1043 Special Forces Humvee [Add-On]
- M1025 HMMWV Base spec (unarmored) [Add-On | Livery]
- M1114 Humvee [Up-Armored Add-On]
- M1116 Humvee [Unarmed Replace]
- M1116 Humvee [Up-Armored Replace]
- M1161 Growler [Armed Replace]

If you have problems to install it or something else, I wrote a tutorial thread in Forums some time ago for this purpose, check it out, it'll help you A LOT:

- [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacers

OLD in v2.2: Fixed M1161 Growler and M1116 Humvee Up-Armored vehicles from crashing when you try to enter into them.
OLD in v2.3: Fixed Readme file for "m1116humvee" vehicle, where the Spawn Name was wrong.
OLD in v3.0: Added a new version of the Up-Armored Humvee. Didn't removed the old one, is still in the archive if someone wants it.
OLD in v4.0: Big update which adds the latest 3 Humvee's released by SkylineGTRFreak. Thanks to him for his awesome vehicles!
OLD in v5.0: Now you're able to use all of the included vehicles into the same dlc.rpf file or as before this update. It's your choice!
NEW in 6.0: Added the HMMWV ASRAD (Anti-Air) vehicle.

The new pictures are exclusively taken from the original upload by SkylineGTRFreak, not mine!

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