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    @KristianoImperial Update the changelog in the description please.

    il y a 10 heures
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    Hello guys :)

    We're glad to announce that the new overwhelming version of NaturalVision (Evolved) is coming to 5Mods in summer 2021! The news were announced by Razed through the official 5Mods Discord server and we can't be happier! :)
    Meanwhile, if you can't wait to test it make sure to go to his Patreon page and support his work (which is continuously being improved) by joining the main/basic 10$ tier (Gold) or 15$ (Platinum) for extra features.

    Additional and important information:

    The comments section will remain closed for some more time to prevent leaks related to the updated mod version and avoid unfair uses of the ratings system due to possible incompatibilites with the currently available NaturalVision mod version on 5Mods.

    - The download button of this mod page is still working and will download the old (2018) NaturalVision Remastered mod version.

    Watch here the NaturalVision Evolved trailer:

    For more info about the mod please visit the discord server:

    You'll find news and current progress about the mod information there. Join it if you don't want to miss any NaturalVision Evolved screenshots or if you joined the Gold or Platinum Patreon tiers to get your beta!

    Have a good day :)

    il y a 1 jour
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    - "Either you are dumb or new to modding!" and "first go understand how high poly car mods work and then comment !!"
    Offensive comments are not allowed on this site. Also, you shouldn't be telling someone to comment after doing something when you were not able to read the community rules before commenting. Read them.

    High poly cars are not meant for a game like GTA V as it's not able to load them correctly. That's mainly why the original game vehicles are not that hight poly models. Because of this, high poly car mods are not a correct reference from which someone should learn (which means your "suggestion" to Seath to go understand them is wrong and unnecessary).

    il y a 2 jours
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    @Furkan Missing a changelog in the description. It should contain all the versions changes and keep it updated in future mod updates.

    il y a 4 jours
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    @M4rco79 Why reuploading the 1.1 version? Did something change? If so, it'd be 1.2 and there's no changelog in the description yet.

    il y a 4 jours
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    @SIREZ As I told you in your other upload, I have reformated the description so it's clearly visible what's being told on it and the different sections. Please take the description of this upload as an example/reference (no copy/paste) for future mod uploads descriptions. Future uploads without proper descriptions will get rejected.

    il y a 5 jours
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    @Volti Don't abuse of the tags system again. This is not an "skin" and also is not an "Add-On".

    il y a 5 jours
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    @He feng Add the changelog in the description and reply to me when done.

    il y a 5 jours
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    @andr1337 @Debarup There's no way @Jazzpunk could know that the tuning parts need to be used in order to load the vehicle mod interior. It's not that obvious unless the uploader adds in the description something like "Be aware: You need to use the tuning parts in order to get the car loading the full interior. It's disabled by default because of the high quality of the materials could cause memory issues.". or similar.

    Nonetheless, @Jazzpunk rating a mod with less than 4.5 stars without providing constructive feedback is not allowed. Please read the comments section rules (under the "Post comment" box) before commenting.

    il y a 6 jours