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This is a mod of the Faster AI Drivers mod by Eddlm, to be applied over/after any top speed mod such as Realistic Driving V is applied to your GTA V.

This mod is great fun for use with Community Races or Impromptu Races, and also Street Races mods.


Best tuned to work with Realistic Driving V "scaled" topspeed. It's not tested with "real" topspeed mod although it should surely give AI racers more topspeed and stability.

Sure AI racers still end up off/on the side/top of the cliff because they don't look ahead for off-camber or over the crest road surfaces (not aware of the change in Z-axis). They don't use all of the road either and sometimes go through solid walls. They also don't react quickly enough when the check point is placed too close or smack bang in the apex of the corner (remove those check points and let the AI work out the shortest path!) But they are still more fun than old slow drivers in supercars, particularly when they have a head start.

It is very satisfying to watch the AI supercars make mistake and correct their oversteer or do an extended drift.

The reduction in understeering alone results in lower lap time for AI racers for my community/street races.


1. Mods folder
2. Latest openIV
3. A top speed mod such as Realistic Driving V already applied


1. Back up your mods\common.rpf & mods\update\update.rpf
2. Using OpenIV, manually replace
mods>update>update.rpf>common>data>ai>vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta with the included file.
Note: Ignore the included .oiv file, it's not necessary.

To uninstall:

Copy your backup update.rpf (from 1 above) overwriting mods\update\update.rpf

Thanks to:

1. Eddlm, author of Faster AI Drivers mod, for the original mod
2. DareDevilYT for the 2 community races from Various Races for Community Races Mod 1.3 used to tune the handling
3. Pianist for the 1 race from Mixed type of Community Races 1.0 used for tuning the handling.


Change log.

1.1 "AVERAGE" handling class boost: Faster corner speed for long flowing corners, improved braking stability, improved stability at top speed
1.0 Initial release
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