Fujimi Kaido Hillclimb, Tarmac Rally Drift Race [Community Races]

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I love the Fujimi Kaido from Race Map Pack. But driving alone isn't much fun so I created the traffic paths for it to make Community Races work on it. Some thing along the line of Pikes Peak Hill Climb race. 750m (in GTAV measurements) in elevation to the highest point.

Race your drift cars here and try to pass as many as you can.

Two races included with different car classes.

1. Super car class
2. Rally-type cars

If you want to drift and don't have a drift mod installed, put the rain on the race and get a bit of drift-handling coz the road is so wet :-)


Race Map Pack 2.0 by Dekurwinator
Community Races 1.3 mod by Guadmaz
OpenIV installed with mods folder

You need GTA V 1.0.1190.2 or newer.

I always have these extra mods installed for more realistic driving, faster and more humanised AI drivers:

Also need a trainer with teleport such as Menyoo so you can teleport to Fujimi Kaido otherwise you may have to fly there to start the race.

Races will go for over 10 minutes on average.


1. Install the required stuffs.
2. Using OpenIV copy the Fujimi Kaido traffic paths files from paths-rpf\* to
mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > paths.rpf
These are new files for the stock GTAV map and should not replace any files.
3. Copy the community races *.xml files from the races folder into your Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\Races

The player start position is random, so if you start position is not last, just wait for the whole field to pass you before you launch to give yourself some challenge.

Known weirdities:

NPC/traffic cars may be seen from far away to be floating or submerged when driving on steeply banked two-lane roads. This is probably due to GTAV not supporting steeply banked two-lane roads.

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Change log:

1.0 Original release
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