Delorean Transformer remote 1.2

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request: if someone make a simple script to change wheels and activate "skirt1" whit a rapid hotckey------"""""""""""""""''''""""""

Update 1.1 ;1.2 fixed txt/folder error
for remote control,delorean is "last vehicle used" ,enter and exit delorean

Y= not use it, leave to "ON" always

whet hit the floor-terrain-street it go to AUTO-OFF

PRESS 7numpad- Fly/ON

4&6 numpad = direction
8 numpad forward
5 numpad backward
7 numpad up
1 numpad down (& auto-off-floor)

this delorean can traform in "fly mode" or run on the street,it use
simple trainer

we use the osiris, it dosen't spawn on the traffic!!
simple trainer mode:,follow the screen on the rar download simple trainer:

**********************request: if someone make a simple script to change wheels and activate "skirt1" whit a rapid hotckey,we remove the "simple trainer mode"
please tag me------

download the script fly car:

Go to my folder "remote controlled install"
after download/vehiclejetpack script overvrite my .ini file on the gta5 folder-main

download model

rename "Bttf 2 Final Car\ dune2" 4 files
to osiris files
follow the screen "locate osiris replace"

replace on the screen locate , the osiris car dlc,on the rar there is a bakup/vanilla osiris

replace the two wheels model locate screen (there is a bakup)

for transform,follow the screen,use "simple trainer mode",or if someone make a rapid script hotkey...
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