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    @Tactical_Cop That may be a bug I found with it not polling the Advanced data from the INI file. When you change options it does refresh the integers. For example you change the makeup then move to the next screen, which is Blush, it will apply those Makeup values over. If you move back and forth between advanced options it will modify your changes (appearing to reset it if all values are 0). You have to go through each one individually, figure out which values you want to alter, then hand-select them (resetting the next value to its default) or you can open the Data.ini and key them individually (although that isn't really necessary).

    The Blend data should be working fine, at least it did on mine. It may be experiencing the same reset problem. I'd have to double check that.

    il y a 2 jours
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    @HKH191 I'd join your discord but the entry wants to know too much info. :) Besides I've already started compiling a new list.

    il y a 2 jours
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    @dub2k8 Thanks. I learned that from using Personal Stripper mod Tracy and Amanda have alot of clothing options. I was looking for more variety however. For example the model for Packie hosts a variety of skin options. I just thought maybe there was one I loved over/missed that would also had options.

    il y a 2 jours
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    @HKH191 Yes, I have other bugs to report but I wanted to wait until your next release to see what got fixed to see if some were resolved with the more egregious bugs being resolved first.

    il y a 4 jours
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    Besides, MPFrreemode does anyone know which female NPC has the most clothing options?

    il y a 4 jours
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    1. The main interface "Hang out with Partner" should be disabled when the phone is active/open.
    2. The phone should be disabled when the player is in the "Hang out with partner" interface.
    3. A prompt says Private Dance isn't active until level 60 but I was able to get a PD at lvl 40 by just standing in the radius for about 10 secs.
    4. The private dance constantly "dings" as the player is sitting in the chair. Note I was still at lvl 40.
    5. When the player goes to edit the Partner's clothes the main interface (hang out with partner) is still active in the background. This should be disabled.
    6. When your Partner is in close proximity to you and Edit Partner Clothes trigger there is a constant "dinging" sound. This is very likely related to #4 where these two trigger radiuses overlap.
    7. Pause/Unpause shares the same key as Hold Partner (on the controller) which RB. Disable weapon selection during private dance and give this to LB, if possible.
    8. During Private Dance the "accept dance" appears as a mouse click rather than RT with the controller. This is when one dance stops and the player is given the option for another dance, not the initial dance.
    9. During private dance when you press RB for temporary hold, sometimes it will go into a loop where it releases and holds repeatedly.
    10. When performing hug LB the weapon wheel pops up. Disable weapon wheel entirely when inside of main interface (hang out with partner).
    11. "Next Page" for Interactions and Show Orders appear as a mouse icon with a down key. I assume this means Scroll Down. This is isn't an option as I use a Trackball and controller. For controller support this would need to be another option. This problem would also apply to people who use touchpads on laptops.
    12. Occasionally during private dances the partner will warp a distance away. When the player does Hold he will warp to her. I have seen this with your other mod Personal Stripper.
    13. "Enter partner's appartment" is misspelled. There should be one P in apartment. Same typo exists with "exit partner's apartment".
    14. "Appartment" is mispelled throughout your mod. I have seen it with other dialogs other than #13.
    15. "Do you want to make this person your companion?" should have an A or B response when conversing with NPCs. Correction: B triggers a melee punch. Perhaps use Left dpad and Right dpad.
    16. "Press <button>talk with person" should be disabled while player has an existing partner.
    17. "Talk with person" should be disabled while phone is open/active.
    18. "Talk with person" appears as you pass motorists on motorbikes.
    19. In Menu, Brief/Mission there is message spam "Pick up your companion from <bar name>.
    20 In Menu Brief/Help there is message spam "Press I (with a circle) your companion has been seriously hurt, they will arrive at a hospital soon."
    21. Typo in message "Press I (with a circle) your companion has been seriously hurt, they will arrive at a hospital soon." This should be two sentences. Also, what is this lowercase "i" with a circle icon mean?
    22. Naming convention is not consistent. In some parts you use the word "companion" and other parts you use the word "partner". This should be consistent throughout the mod.
    23. I was instructed to pick my companion up from the hospital. As they go into the car the Relationship bar appeared overhead and a blue waypoint highlighted the way home. About 10 seconds later the Relationship bar disappeared but it also removed the waypoint. The player then prompted with "Take your partner to their apartment." It appears this waypoint if firing off before the instructions to take them home is prompted forcing the user to have to set a manual waypoint.
    24. I switched to a male companion but a (dark skin) woman kept texting me.
    25. Companion requests fire off too often. "Meet me at the bar" and "party at my house" occur about once every 5-8 minutes or so. This should happen way less often and, if possible, should be configurable by the player.
    26. "Party at my apartment" text was sent to me but I was below lvl40 (new partner). This shouldn't happen.
    27. After refreshing the mod, I got the correct player model in text (but #24) so it appears the mod does not know that you have changed companions until you refresh it again (or perhaps reload the game, though I have not tested this).
    28. If your existing companion is waiting on you (say the bar or hospital) you can get a new companion and the old one would still be waiting on you (at least the icons say so). This goes back to the problem of allowing players to add a new companion without ditching the original and also with the mod not flushing open quests.
    29. Turn off the debug messages (such as "place partner on bed 2" or "selected weapon unarmed").
    30. "Relax with partner" does not work correctly after selecting Right dpad. Nothing happens or the partner gets dismissed.
    31. "Open Rent Vehicle menu" does not work after pressing Right dpad.
    32. Go Carts: Companion keeps getting in and out of kart when it gets stuck.
    33. Relax Point. After exiting the activity the camera gets stuck in place.
    34. Access Menu and Quit Hangout share the same button (right dpad).
    35. Sex (in vehicle) shares the same button as Quit Hangout (right dpad).
    35. Perhaps the most important bug here. The Hangout main interface (Talk/Hangout/Quit Hangout) should somehow remain inactive unless prompted. This is causing all kinds of issues with the mod and regular story mode. For examples
    a) the Start <Activity> share the same button (right dpad) as with Quit Hangout/Hangout. This is what causes Bugs #30 and 31.
    b) When you're editing clothing the character will get dismissed.
    c) When navigating "rent vehicle" dialog it could trigger a dismiss with right dpad or Talk when pressing down.
    d) interferes with private dances
    e) cannot operate as a standard bodyguard in storymode (or freemode for that matter).
    g) it makes it incompatible with other menus that have controller support as well (e.g. ENT).
    This should perhaps be locked behind the Player Companion phone option so that the player has to access by dialing in. This should stop the Talk/Quit dialog from interfering with the rest of the game's operation.

    Suggestion: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor have their own individual companions. It's kind of weird when you switch characters that the companion is friends with all the same people AND has the same relationship status. Also, dismiss on character change if possible. If not possible at the minimal, F, M, and T should have individual relationship values with the single companion that switches as the player changes models.

    Suggestion: For those that do not want a dependency on Enable All Interiors, using Dr Friedlander's Office or Martin Madrazo's House are viable vanilla interior options. Allowing the player to set to home to either of these locations would remove the necessity to use EAI, for those that want to.

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    il y a 5 jours
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    @Bennings You have to change the enemies health value when you set Add Actor. Or you can go into the Objectives file and change it manually.

    il y a 6 jours
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    @LS_Gamer93 No you can't. You have to open the mission up in Mission Maker and edit the Actor properties. It's not at all difficult. I'm even releasing my own MMs soon.

    26 août 2021
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    This is quite the expensive mod. It costs 20 gbs to backup the whole original files that are altered by the auto-installer. You should be providing a restoration mod or uninstaller. js

    Anyone know of an alternate mod that makes limited changes to ammo count (reduction) and reduces the loadout?

    19 août 2021
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    @HKH191 Oh I see. Thanks. I use a game mod that uses symboliclinks so there is no "overwriting of files" . Suggestion, for such a small mod release all the files instead of just updated ones. Unless the mod says "updated files" most people won't know you drag/drop. Anyway here's the existing bugs I've run into:

    Gun Runner - On the map, the bunker names appear as “<Location name> Burker Bunker”
    Gun Runner - Working MOC doesn’t reset (back to unsold) and the location remains the same after Reset and appears on map.
    AfterHours - Supply update notification and random raids still occur after reset.
    DoomsDay - Avenger doesn’t reset (back to unsold) and the location remains the same after reset and appears on map.
    Arena - Main business marker appears on map prior to purchase.
    DC&R - The arcade (subbusiness) location doesn’t reset and remains on the map.
    DC&R - Main business marker appears on map prior to purchase.
    DC&R - Gunlocker and Money Vault appears on map.
    Executive - The yacht doesn’t reset (back to unsold) and the location remains the same after reset and appears on map. Yacht marker appears UI map when player is very far away (like mission and safehouse markers). Yacht marker color is not adjustable.
    Smuggler’s Run - Supply update notifications , raids, and random missions still occur after reset.

    13 août 2021