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    @romeo. Added instructions in the update

    @dtrail In fact, I do not know how WERO or my mod can break the game, do backup, try other installation methods, the game sometimes breaks without a reason

    @xFaZebRuTaLx Yes, just install the "only sound" version after IC

    @Pehotinec_78 Then I will do this while you can use weaponanimations for SMG MK2 from the past version of the mod, it is located dlc_patch\mpgunrunning\common\data\ai

    @vylizanimamrdi I don’t understand what the problem is, I think this behavior of the weapon is logical, but I’ll think about it

    4 avril 2023
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    @JohnyCZ_ I don't know how well this will work, but you can try deleting all weaponanimations.meta files in the mod's manual installation and install the mod without them, I haven't tested this and so I can't guarantee that it will work fine

    @Lil_Abbass try using trainer most of them have a damage multiplier and you can tweak it to your liking

    4 avril 2023
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    @Aaron Marak Now I have found a way to make a reduced return without creating a second version of the mod, this will be in the next update

    @Rodutchi Thanks for the review. This is very strange, the files that replace the mod do not touch the cars, I really do not know how it can happen, no one else writes about it again

    @KILdaniel Thanks for the high rating, but I don't understand what you mean, try to write to me on gta5mods forums

    @hucabuca There are links to sounds under the video, in the description or comments. I selected the icons for my weapon mods, you can find them here - on gta5mods

    @Mrkraken12 @basher_hd Thanks for the review. Yes, this is really a problem, I will try to adjust it somewhat in the next version, but this will not be completely lost

    @MAXX_J_ I have tested something and forgot to remove it, will be fixed in the next update

    19 mars 2023
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @trash8 answer me gta5mods forums

    16 mars 2023
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    @princesjojoe You must open the "weapons.meta" and find the lines"AMMO_(The right caliber)", look the right caliber there and change the value AmmoMax, AmmoMax50, AmmoMax100 to the values you need

    @Aaron Marak I tested the mod and everything was working, the game sometimes breaks on its own after installing OIV, I advise you to often make backups

    @7th Ward Lines are responsible for this:
    <FirstPersonScopeFov value="48.00000"/>

    @Pehotinec_78 Спасибо за отзыв, тебе нужно найти файл "weapons_assaultrifle_mk2.meta", в нем попытаться подстроить значения этой строки <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.000000" y="0.14000" z="0.007000" />, насколько я помню z это вверх вниз, еще вероятно придется изменять <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.450000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />, но это не точно. Звук стрельбы может пропасть из за модов на звуки

    24 janvier 2023
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @Adecentusername I checked and did not see such a problem, perhaps this is a mistake from 1.6

    @EO3M95 Adds a new sniper rifle and carbine

    @Fresh_1 This sometimes happens to GTA, it is not connected with my mods, do more backups

    @oooper666 Thanks buddy, I don't know how it happened

    @Drugula Muzzle Flashs/Smoke settings are in the "weapon.meta" "(in your case "weaponsnspistol.meta") These are the lines "<Fx></Fx>". The clip size in the "weaponcomponents.meta" file "(in your case in the "weaponcomponents.meta" file that lies in folders with "weaponsnspistol.meta") You need to change the value "<ClipSize value="

    25 novembre 2022
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    @conde_vampichoco Open the Weapons.meta Find there <Name>WEAPON_MINIGUN</Name> and replace the line <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_COMBATPISTOL</Audio> with <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_MINIGUN</Audio>

    @Quincy123 Thank you!

    @Lyk0s I think I will do it all the same. I also noticed that the recolil is highly dependent on the skill of the character, try to increase it somehow, and the return will become much less

    @Daspaz Read the answer for Lyk0s. It is very possible I will add an option in the future

    @Adecentusername A sniper rifle shoots 7.62x51 so as not to make a separate type of cartridge for one weapon, marksman pistol shoots 50bmg for fun, otherwise it will become useless

    @notDONEyet The heavy rifle is now installed with the main mod

    @Itzhak880 You are right, I think I will do it

    @Daevinski I'm not sure about the other missions, but there should not be in this problem

    @JordanSouzaS No, these mods replace the same things, but you can eat them yourself and use part of the files from the IC, and part from the RWO

    @EduardAzo2211 @Dima4887 я очень рад, что вы друг другу помогаете

    @Dimitri_Rascalov @YoYO16 @MACKMIN As I said, I corrected it partially, while I do not know how to eliminate it completely without removing the types of ammunition

    @SlayeModifications I don't play FiveM, so I will hardly do it

    25 septembre 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    I would really like to see new attachments from you

    7 septembre 2022
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    @PA_Brito I will add an intermediate version of the texture in the following update

    @Cabbage Dealer Thanks for the feedback!

    @Teodoric0420 This is a feature of the work of ENB, I can't fix it

    @Haetzetz You can only install everything at once, or you can compare the meters of meta using "Compared" for notepad++ and transfer only the modes you need to Vanila

    @GensokyoIsReal I already thought about it, perhaps I will do this in one of the future updates

    @383rd Order I will do it in the update

    @daBestSpycrab Unfortunately, I can't do something like that yet

    @b_aboon Perhaps there are conflicts with some mods, no one else wrote about a similar problem

    @Felfrags Good idea, I'll think about it

    @aphextwin432 I played with him and found no problem, if I find conflicting files, I will add a compatibility file

    @CanZEd_hl3 In the next version I will make instructions to return taser in Vanilla

    @Dima4887 Thank you, this will be fixed in the update

    @youngdami I have tested something and forgot to remove it, I will correct in the update

    @Forest70599 Thank you, I'll change this in the next update

    @Dima4887 This is true

    @PanBijo You can only install everything at once, I think about making several versions in the future

    @HyperOutz As well as the texture of smoke

    @MrCaravan78 will be fixed in the update

    @EvilTim1911 I will try to do something about it, thank you for finding it

    @Viking aircraft Thank you for finding this, I will correct it in the next update

    @Tixer I also play with this combination, and I agree with you

    @basher_hd @SamPorter In the next update, I will try to fix this

    @Davixw The update will have a new compatibility file

    @AestroCody Thanks for the feedback!

    @Nick4142 @baked beans For this is responsible "<RecoilShakeAmplitude" in "weapons.meta". Turn the value for 0 and the shaking of the screen will completely disappear

    @SMatesz Perhaps you have conflicts with other mods, I did not face such a problem

    @PatrickStar It will be soon

    (Mention does not work.What should I do with it)

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    22 août 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @PA_Brito Did you use "Effects Textures" in optional files?

    @GensokyoIsReal Thank you, you were not really long

    @R3Flow If I understand you correctly, then yes, I fixed it

    @illegalchees Thank you for rating. The parameter "<AnimReloadRate" is responsible for this

    @oooper666 Yes, now Heavy sniper mk2 shoots with explosive ammunition, I forgot to indicate this

    2 mai 2022