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This script prevents money pickups (e.g. wallets and glowing stacks of money) from spawning aside dead bodies. Instead, you are given the option to manually pick up any money off a dead body by pressing E (or D-Pad Right) however you can disable this feature if you prefer. All without playing around with .meta files or update.rpf! This script is ideal for realistic gameplay—after all, your pocket money doesn't magically fall out your pocket when you die in real life, neatly stacked and all.

Extract the .zip file and place NoMoneyPickups.dll and NoMoneyPickups.ini in your scripts folder. Requires both ScriptHookV and Community Script Hook V.

INI Settings:
AllowPickup: If set to true, money is able to be picked up from a dead body by pressing E (D-Pad Right on a controller). Set to "false" if you want to disable picking up money from dead bodies completely.

PickupPrompt: If set to true, the player will be shown a prompt (Press E to pickup $x) on their screen whenever they are in range of a dead body containing money.

PickupAnim: If set to true, an animation will play upon picking up money from a dead body.

MoneyBlips: If set to true, dead bodies containing money will be marked on the mini-map as green dollar signs.

BlipDistance: The maximum distance to show the blips on the radar from. Outside this distance, any existing blips will be deleted.

Known Issues:
- Some random events (mugging ones) are bugged; after killing the mugger the wallet will be shown on the mini-map but it is nowhere to be found.

-> Initial release.
-> Fixed an issue with blips not deleting properly
-> Fixed an issue with FPS rates dropping significantly
-> Added an IsOnFoot check
-> Fixed yet another issue with FPS drops
-> Added "PickupAnim" INI setting.
-> Added "BlipDistance" INI setting.
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