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OK, OK, Don't shoot - I give up!

I Surrender is a GTA V (ScripthookV.Net) script allowing you to surrender to police when wanted. You can either give up to the police without them shooting you or just clear your wanted level altogether (you cheater).

A list of potential keybindings can be found here or to disable a binding (e.g. the clear wanted option) set it to None. Modifiers allowing key combinations can be set to Alt, Control, Shift or None.

Controller support available using a combination of buttons which can be disabled by setting to None.

  • Surrender by putting hands up until "Busted"
  • Wanted level kept at 1 star to prevent aggressive cops while surrendering
  • Cancel and try to keep running (still busted if they catch you)
  • (If enabled) Cheat and clear your wanted level
  • Option to drop weapon in hand on surrendering

Current limitations or known issues:
  • Not working with Redux installed. Not sure what is causing the issue.
  • Using AddonPeds Mod will force model back to main character.
    An optional replacement PedSelector.dll is included to prevent this if required

Report any issues on GitHub.

Support can also be sought via Discord.

Using with trainers:
Certain trainer scripts will reset your player back to Michael, Trevor, or Frankin. To prevent this, you will need to change the settings for the trainer in question.

Simple Trainer:
In order to prevent model reset on wasted and crash on busted, change the following value in the trainer.ini file:


To prevent changing on busted/wasted, either turn off Reset player model on death in the menu and save the settings or edit menyooConfig.ini setting the following value:

DeathModelReset = false

Note: Menyoo will re-apply the model after respawn so if you do not change this, you will see Michael for a few seconds after respawn.

Enhanced Native Trainer / PC Trainer:
There does not appear to be a way to disable such a feature in ENT. You seem to always spawn at the hospital regardless. The same with PC Trainer - I cannot find a way to disable the change character feature.

Other trainers:
Check the settings file or menu to see if it is possible to turn the feature of changing model on respawn off - unfortunately there are a few trainers that do not allow this.

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of ScripthookV and Scripthookv.Net installed correctly.
  2. Copy the scripts folder into your "Grand Theft Auto V" install folder
  3. Edit the .ini to meet your requirements

Version history:
  • 1.0.2 - Fade out/in bug fix
    • Fixed fade in too soon after busted / wasted
    • Removed fade in fix from Michael, Franklin and Trevor (Why fix what isn't broken)

  • 1.0.1 - Initial public release

All of my code is open source under GNU General Public License v3.0 and available on Github.

leec22: Helping understand coding (
mrtank2333: Source code for Player Death No Reset helped solve game hanging on wasted/busted for non protagonist.
Meth0d: Providing source code for PedSelector.dll to allow the modification
huckleberrypie: Great add-on peds for testing including Snow White as seen in demo video
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