Fleeca Bank Account and ATM 2.0

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*Fleeca Bank Mod*
*By HKH191 X Yaphy21
Special Thanks to Hkh191 for teaching and helping me build this mod
This is my first mod so there maybe a bug if you found bugs please comment and respect
Check HKH191’s awesome mods and also you can donate to him
If you like my mod you can support me by donating any amount is appreciated
More updates coming soon

Use Character Swap for Addon Peds
Comment if you have suggestions
This is modified Hkh191's mobile money vault mod
*Version 2.0 Changelog* -must replace the ini file
-Improved the Max Atm Withdrawal Feature
-Added Check Current Money (Press K)
-Included the old Lemonui SHVDN2

*Version 1.7.1 Changelog*
-Fixed unable to withdraw in bank Franklin -(Thanks to @Floks for reporting the bug)

*Version 1.7 Changelog*
-No need to log out in atm machines just close the menu
-Added Fleeca Invest (just go to fleeca bank)
-Fixed max atm withdrawal bug in all characters
-Minor Bug Fixes

*Version 1.6 Changelog*
-Added disable/enable daily notifications
-Everyday interest/tax will be deducted in bank accounts of the characters

*Version 1.5.1 Changelog*
-Fixed balance 730.87989362

*Version 1.5 Changelog*
-Changeable Bank Key
-Blips Settings
-V.I.P Membership is now in % return
-Fixed loan bug

*Version 1.4 Changelog* - Major fixes
-Fixed animation loop
-Added maximum withdrawl per day settings
-Added customizable value to unlock vip membership

*Version 1.3 Changelog*
-Added deposit via stockade
-Added lose cash on death option
-Tax paying is now weekly
-Bank interest everyday
-Fixed balance 1094+e07

*Version 1.2 Changelog*
-Added Money Loan
-Added Transfer Money

*Version 1.1 Changelog*
-{WARNING} Becareful in changing withdraw tax because it deducts in your current moneystored in bank just leave it 0.001
-Different accounts for Michael, Trevor, and Franklin
-Changeable ATM key
-Changeable Citizen paycheck
-Changeable Withdraw Tax
-Changeable V.I.P Membership
-Changeable Tax
-Changeable Interest
-Changeable Maximum digits to withdraw in atm machines

Ifruitaddon2 -

Alexander Blade
crosire & contributors
-Everyday 1% Bank Interest|Changeable in .ini file. Will be deducted in your stored money in bank.
-Everyweek 1% Tax|Changeable in .ini file. Will be deducted in your account.
-If you deposited value is more than $2,000,000|Changeable in ini file. You will get fleeca vip membership which .5% of your current money stored is added to tour account.
-Everyday government will give you $50|Changeable in .ini file. For citizen paycheck.
-You can configure the withdraw fee in the .ini file.
-You can take a loan in the bank.
-Usable ATMS.
Drag and drop scripts folder in your GTA V directory.
[How to use bank]
-THERE ARE 6 dollar sign blip in your map you can see a marker there and you can deposit money and withdraw high amount of money there.
-Because in atm machine you can only withdraw max $9,000|Changeable in .ini file. And you can’t deposit money in atm machines anymore.
[How to use Atm machines]
-Just simply walk in the front of atm machines and press O.
-There you can see in the menu. Check balance, withdraw, and logout.
-Dont forget to logout before closing the menu or else you will be stuck if you stuck just press O key again and choose log out.
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