GTA V Extreme Draw Distance Mod 3.2

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= Extreme Draw Distance Mod 3.2 =

-Extended draw distance.
-Extended ped and car lods (maximized).
-Extended building and architecture lods.
-Extended road and highway lods.
-Extended tree and bush lods.
-Extended texture stream.
-Extended car headlights draw distance.
-Extended city lights draw distance and lods.
-Extended small light coronas draw distance.
-Extended shadow distance scaling (optional).
-Extended shadow cascade and hd shadows ((optional).

Installation :

-For a fully experience go to game settings and set all graphics settings to highest.You can exclude "High Resolution Shadows" and "msaa".High Resolution Shadows doesn't make much difference and it loses performance a lot.It also eats extra vram.You can use -Extended shadow cascade and hd shadows ((optional) for high resolution shadows.

- Go to "settings.xml" file in documents/rockstar games/gta v.Find and change default values with mod file values.Save and exit.Do not copy-paste the file directly!

- Put the "visualsettings" file in - common.rpf/data - and - update.rpf/common/data - with OpenIV program.


-The mod loses much of its effect if you change the "extended distance scaling" setting in-game advanced graphic menu.Dont change that anymore.If you don't want to take that risk, make "settings.xml" file read-only.In this way, you cannot reset the mod even if you want to.

-This mod give you much more draw distance and lod scale on the city map.If your video card has low vram, there may be graphical issues ,some areas and textures may late load .The game may even close ! You have must 2gb and higher video card for minimum (1-high).I recommend 6gb or higher gpu and 16gb ram for this mod.

-The mod not only increases the vram usage. It also decreases the performance.

-I can run the game with the gt1030 2gb gddr5 graphics card with the 1-high level of the mod without any problems.

-I would recommend rtx2060 and better for 5-extereme level folder - 1080p gaming.

-If you have texture-map loading issues you can use lower mod option.

-QuantV full compatible but natural vision evolved half compatible with this mod.I recommend firstly install natural vision evolved and after install quantV.In this way, you also have the chance to use nve's high-quality textures and assets and quantV's perfect timecycle files.Finally install the extreme draw distance mod for quant.You're done.You can use nve's enb files and settings.Its compatible.


1.1 version : - Reduced pedvariety and car variety settings .Increased draw distance and fixed performance.

1.2 version : - Seperate config files for different video cards .

1.3 version : - Only maximum ped lod and vehicle lod option added

1.4 version : - Increased lod scale(not draw distance).increased vehicle headlight drawing.Maximized vehicle and ped lod.

1.5 version : - Fixed light flicks in the nights.

2.0 version : - Added extented shadow distance scaling.Edited files for better mod experience and general optimization.

3.0 version : - The mod has been made compatible with V1.0.2545/1.58 version of the game.

- Increased city lights draw distance and lods.

- Increased small light coronas draw distance.

- Added separate value parameters for each mod level.

- Mod levels are much better scaled.

- Added extended hd shadow distance scaling how to install info.

- Removed extended shadow distance scaling from my mod config files.Because config file while increasing the shadow distance, it decreases the resolution of the nearby looks so bad.Added QuantV mod's extended hd shadow distance scaling option instead.I am just telling you how to use it.Because QuantV is not a free mod.I explained how to install the mod and activate extended hd shadow distance in the Insalling - Extended shadow settings file.

3.1 Hotfix version: -Fixed bugs in night city lights.

3.2 version : - The mod made compatible with quantV and natural vision evolved mods.
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