2013 cars in traffic only 2.2 Fixed

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Only a small mod that wil make the game spawn only cars that ware originaly in GTA V on day 1 realease and cars that eather ware in GTA IV or are based on real life cars manufactured in 2013 and sooner. This way You won't be able to see cars like Zentorno or Panto in the story mode. I made this mode for myself first to increase immersion in the game, but I've decidet to uupload it for everyone with same taste.

I also included some DLC cars, mostly bikes, so The Lost wont spawn only riding Hexers.

I don't know how to mess around with missions, so in missions The Lost only ride Hexers and in intro cutscene there you can see Alpha in the parking lot.

Known issues: none I know about

You will need:
drp4lyf's: Spawn MP cars in SP mod (I think)

using openIV copy-

- popgroups.ytm into update/ update.rpf/ x64/ levels/ gta5

- vehiclemodelsets.meta into update/ update.rpf/ common/ data/ ai

- vehicles.meta into update/ update.rpf/ common/ data/ levels/ gta5

Version 2.0
Deleted Youga Classic, added Adder to traffic, replaced Nightblade with Avarus.

Version 2.2
replaced Biff in rich disctricts with Trashmaster. (Biff wasn't in original version, yet trash cars are realistic)
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