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  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Does this update fix the performance issues from 1.7?

    Edit: I disabled the script and my FPS went up a lot. I am not sure how this can be optimized but I think it may be caused by the Yacht Deluxe. I'd do each yacht separately so they don't all show up when only one yacht is spawned. I would also add some bools to check when something should be switched on, and bools when something should be switched off. Doing this will allow you to optimize the script a ton as you won't be spamming the game with native calls.

    il y a 1 jour
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Killatomate Amazing work.

    One thing I noticed is the Deluxo's wheels don't fold up and the back booster doesn't light up. Is this caused by this mod? I am wondering if it is possible to do a BTTF II DeLorean with properly folding wheels.

    il y a 8 jours
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @DataModderProgrammer Nice job. Any chance you can add the Smuggler's Run planes, Nimbus, and the Avenger?

    il y a 9 jours
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @HKH191 Regarding the console frame rates, here are some tips to avoid running everything on tick till you actually need it.

    One way I do scripts that run inside interiors is to check if the player is actually in the interior. Having all of the markers for every business interior running at once is not a good thing. For one GTA V has a limit on how many markers can be spawned at once. When breached, markers will be invisible. Another thing is that you are checking if the player is at each marker all at once. Instead you aught to divide the checks up. So you can check if the player is inside that interior, run the markers for that interior. In a way it is almost a similar concept that is behind lods, except it is for scripting.

    Another tip is, if you need to use a specific native which only needs to be called once, use a bool to check if you need to call it. The bool could be a plain old one, but if there is an appropriate native which returns a bool, use that instead. It is much less demanding to check a bool than to call a particular native on tick. It tanks frames when you do that everywhere. Not to mention that it makes your mod much more likely to interfere with other scripts, whether it is another mod or one of Rockstar's scripts.

    7 juin 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Regarding the loading of radar components where you can only use one at a time, I know of a way you can fix it. Just enable them when the player is near them. They aren't needed far away so this would be a good solution to the problem.

    4 juin 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @HKH191 Looks nice. Regarding the input, for C# you will wanna do it like this.
    DisplayHelpText("Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to do such and such.");

    In an if statement, you would have this as one of the conditions.
    Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, GTA.Control.Context)

    This should make the input be E on the keyboard, and dpad right on the controller, and the display text will look the way it should.

    Also check out the decompiled scripts. You can find natives Rockstar used in their scripts so you are able to make your recreation closer to theirs.

    4 juin 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Looks nice man. I'll have to take a look at this. Scenario groups are something I will need to deal with for LC.

    @dav90 Any chance you can upload the decompiled scenarios? I will be able to batch edit the flags to make them unrestricted. Some are set to only SP, while others are only MP. So I can easily make them work in SP and MP (FiveM).

    1 juin 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    Looks like I'll have a replacement for the other hangar mod which spawned the planes in the ground when you leave the hangar. Nice job.

    30 mai 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @HKH191 Script is looking great.

    When I find time, I will update Online Interiors to make the remaining buisnesses set as toggles. I will include Open Interiors V4 as that will remove the markers for the Biker and CEO stuff.

    This should allow you to make your script handle the markers.

    I'll most likely do these changes for the June update.

    28 mai 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Thanks man. Also did you check the extensions in the ytyp? It affects the particles from the tree.

    22 mai 2018