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If you have the driving skills, the patience to sit in congested traffic that slowly ruins your lungs more than the 4 packs you smoke with the other drivers and you love to blast East Los FM with the same repetitive sonidito song, these cabs are the best choice for you. Now your LS will see more variety on taxi population and styles

Introducing the Los Santos Taxi Pack, a pack that aims to give taxi variety to the streets of Los Santos and an enhacement for the poor and lonely vanilla taxi. This pack is really intended to be used along with traffic mods such as TP Plus and the likes of that. The pack also includes a replacement for vanilla taxi in the form of an enhaced version using Fenton's newest Stanier model as well a big variety of taxis from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. The pack includes a bunch of lorified Taxi companies from across LA, mixing irl and vanilla style in a perfect balance. I really, really recommend using EnhancedTaxiMissions.NET with this pack as only vanilla taxi can do base game taxi missions. This has been a tedious and long work for like 2 months and I really hope you all like it as much as I do.

11 Taxi models from 80s, 90s and 2000s as well as a replacement for vanilla taxi:

-taxiwash: Albany Washington
-taxiespe: Albany Esperanto
-taxibri: Declasse Brigham
-taximerit: Declasse Merit
-taxipremc: Declasse Premier Classic
-taxivan2: Declasse Moonbeam
-taxiwood: Schyster Greenwood
-taxi: Vapid Stanier 2nd gen (Modern, replaces vanilla taxi)
-taxi98: Vapid Stanier 2nd gen (1998 Style)
-:bickle76: Vapid Stanier 2nd gen (Bickle 76 style from GTA LCS)
-taxi93: Vapid Stanier 1st gen (1993 Style)

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add "neo_taxipack" into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV
-PLEASE, follow the instuctions in the readme file for the replace taxi stanier

-Removed Radius and 1996 Stanier
-1998 Stanier and Taxi share now the same ytd file to save space
-Added livery to 1993 Stanier
-Fixed the issue with the minivan
-Minmaps forgotten on some cars are now added

1.1 Hotfix
-Removed leftover unused siren configurations (may have caused conflics with other packs)

-Release Version


-BeastyBill88, Nee: Screenshots

General Parts

-11john11: Vanilla Style Antennas, interior colors suggestion
-Rockstar Games: taxi and ad signs, luggage and other interior stuff
-Stryfaar: Fixed Ads emissives, 3D Vapid Badge
-AlexanderLB: Vapid Badge texture, various decals
-Weeby: trunk equipment
-Nacho: Cage divider
-VanillaWorks Team: Ad decals
-Fenton: poltax paintable interior
-Crizby: advice, Ding Dong Cab Co logo
-neogeo39: Liveries, lore LA Taxi COOP logo

For the 2nd gen Stanier (Modern, 1998 model and Bickle'76)

-TheF3nt0n: Mapped Stanier and related edits
-Ilay: Door trims and Bickle hood
-Vx5 Voltage: Model improvements and fixes
-11john11: Door pillars and door/trunk locks model, hubcaps, amber indicators
-M4k3: engine bay, Retro Hubcaps
-Dani02: Spoiler mapping
-Allen: Improved plate holder models
-Jacobmaate: Improved pedal models
-neogeo39: slight improved handling for Bickle

For the 1993 Stanier

-Rockstar Games: base model
-Glennoconnell: Improved 1993 vapid stanier
-neogeo39: model improvements, fixes and details
-11john11: vapid style retro steelies

For the Merit

-Rockstar games: base model
-Yard1: model and mapping
-IVPack team: Merit Handling
-Monkypolice188: Upscaling and other improvements
-neogeo39: paintable interior, declasse steelies
-Weeby: Declasse steelies inspiration and center parts

For the Washington

-Glennoconnel: Improvements, and parts on Trunk
-Bravo-one-Charlie: Base taxi version, inspiration and help

For the Premier Classic

-Rockstar Games: original Max Payne 3 model and parts
-Thundersmacker: conversion to Declasse Premier and GTA IV
-IVPack Team: conversion to GTA V
-11John11, Aquamenti: mapped model
-neogeo39: paintable interior, declasse steelies
-Weeby: Declasse steelies inspiration and center parts

For the Moonbeam

-Wildbrick142: Extras conversion from GTA IV
-Weeby: mapping

For the Brigham

-Carface, GCT: Original GTA IV model
-Dani02: Conversion to V
-FatherMcKenzie: Redesign
-RooST4R: rims
-M4K3: Engine block water cap:
-Weeby: L0 upscale, modelling, other edits and assembly
-neogeo39: Hubcaps with declasse sign

For the Esperanto

-leshark: inspiration, mapping
-11john11: tweaks and enhancements

For the Greenwood

-11john11, Introvert: edits
-ActuallyToxic: mapping
-Eddlm: improved Marbelle handling

Also as always many thanks to the Lorehub team, specially to 11john11, Bravo-one-Charlie, TheF3nt0n, Weeby and others for advice and help as well as to the beta testing team

-Do not reupload anywhere else/modifiy/use in FiveM
-Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain or under any paywall/payment/premium package or monetization
-If I forgot someone on the credits please send private message
-Only taxi you can get in as passenger is vanilla taxi, this is all hardcoded for that model only in the base game, I know, what a shame
-Follow the readme file to install the vehicles.meta lines for vanilla taxi, any problems related to liveries and extras on that car will not be taken as a real issue if the lines hadn't been installed
-If you have Stryfaar's vanilla emissives fixes, either delete the taxi model from that pack or place it below this pack on your dlclist.xml
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