Grotti Turismo LM [Add-On | Tuning] 1.0

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An evolution of an icon - more power, less weight, and a complete and utter lack of road legality. A heavy cross to bear for most Turismo show-offs - but for those removed from humanity enough to let a track toy loose on public roads, the only sacrifice they'll notice are the missing droopy pop-ups.

- Tuning parts
- Liveries
- (no LODs)

1.0 - Initial release

harithd/daerius - model edits
Boywond/engetsuka - wheels
LamboFreak - custom sounds
Torqy - mapping
Eddlm - custom handling
MyCrystals! - description

Livery Credits
HeliosAxitro - Grotti Racing Japan, Testosterzone Racing, Athena Team, Team Globe Oil USA, Sumo Racing Team, Team Jakey's-Grotti, Mercier Grand Prix, Scuderia Fratello, Globe Oil Racing, Team Atomic Racing, Jakey's Grand Prix
GogoDG - Competizione Stripes, Premier-Meinmacht, LubeUp, Fukaru Street, Air Herler, Grotti, Ricochet, Street Racer
Saldin93 - Stronzo Racing, Sprunk-Lenny Avery
Dayashii - Kronos Prototype
Sangckrona - Team HFS
.Del - Meinmacht
harithd - Grotti Racing Stripes, Redwood

Photo Credits
NastyWiNN3R, Saldin93, Jared, AnnisSavestra, GOM, raero, xnpuheva, JR_Death

- Windows don't break

Installation instructions:
1. place 'turismo2lm' folder in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. add this line 'dlcpacks:/turismo2lm/' in dlclist.xml
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