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    @Garattoni If you have everything essential installed and up to date, did a reinstall and it still doesn't work, give up. the mod will not work.

    5 août 2023
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    @imtoxic I think the livery no longer works

    3 août 2023
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    Does not seem to work. I replaced supervolito files and it still shows the vanilla helicopter when spawned.

    23 juillet 2023
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    works with better chases+, but breaks bust opportunities from that mod. officers continue tasing you even if you already got tased(standing still) or surrendered(pressing e). bust opportunities from this mod only seem to apply after lethal force is authorized.

    19 juillet 2023
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    Does not work with police chases, cops will still shoot at a fleeing suspect. This needs to be applicable in places other than fist fights. Not truly IV style.

    18 février 2023
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    I would've tried this out if it was compatible with pull me over. it, unfortunately, isn't.

    18 février 2023
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    PIT Maneuver authorization does not work, police rams into you like vanilla, and PIT is authorized after a few rams. While it is realistic, the police are unable to identify you the moment you turn away. The warrant feature does not work with pull me over for some reason, the officer does not recognize you for the duration of the traffic stop even though he is facing the player. it does work with the stolen vehicle feature of that mod, though. Furious Ramming needs to be fixed, but everything else works normally.

    15 février 2023
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    I gave a random ped the finger, and he reported me for pointing a weapon... and the police arrested me. And seems like if you set your wanted level in a populated area using a trainer, a random ped reports you for murder. the clerk at store robberies runs away and reports the player for murder. pretty wild mod.

    14 février 2023
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    works, but it interferes with the 24/7 store robberies. once you rob the store clerk, he runs away and reports the player for "murder"? and the player gets 1 star instead of 2 like normal.

    5 octobre 2022
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    Very straight to the point mod, but has some problems:
    revival chance never goes above 10% even if you started CPR the moment the ped fell to the ground.
    revived peds sometimes fall through the ground and die from fall damage.
    the death cause doesn't matter, whether you shot the ped in the head or hit him with a bat, the revival chance remains the same.
    and lastly:
    Every single time you perform CPR, your frames drop by a significant amount . this lag effect goes away when you're performing CPR, but comes back when CPR ends. memorymanager.dll doesn't seem to help in any way either. simple but buggy.

    4 octobre 2022