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    @Alex106 Idk how, though. I don't recall what patch broke most of the gates, but back on XB1 around the time of the first Heist update (2015 iirc) all of the gates were normally operable on XB1X locked at 30 fps. Even now, digging around the object flags in Codewalker, nothing seems to have changed as far as their flags go, even as far back as 2015. If it's tied to framerate, it's gotta be deeper than anything in the YMAPs. Probably something in the game code itself, who the hell knows...

    But, I thank you for the crazy effort you've put into this entire project. Most of the fixes made I'd have never been any the wiser of, let alone pay attention enough to notice the little things. It's great seeing this is still an active, largely collaborative effort.

    31 mai 2022
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    @Alex106 I checked the framerate effect on raised gates. Even locked at 29.9, the gates do not open. On both 29.9 and 59.9 v-sync (locked via NVIDIA control panel), the only gates which open automatically are the northwest side of LSIA and main swingarm on the southeast entrance of LSIA as well. I cannot figure up what may be causing other gates to not operate in the same manner. No big deal, though. As I said, been dealing with marginally operable gates for two years now. I just got used to nudging them to open them.

    If you run across anything specific of gates, let me know. I was adamant it was due to frame rate, but evidently that is not the case.

    30 mai 2022
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    @Alex106 If it's of any benefit in terms of debugging, I'm able to get those gates to work normally somewhat more often with certain vehicles, those being the Rapid GT and Zentorno. Still spotty as I go back and forth to reload the areas, and the same dodgy chance after reloading the save.

    Evidently, "doortuning.meta" and ymt files associated with gates are what control the auto-operation. Also some mention of sliding gates being tied to framerate, specifically 50 fps. I reckon I'll fiddle around later today with 30, as IIRC the XB1X runs GTAV at 30. If that's the case, I suspect there to be no concrete fix other than limiting to however high framerate supports the auto-opening. With the mention of 50, I'll start at 29 and work my way up until they break again and let you know what I find.

    Not a whole lot I could find relating to niche GTA V modding such as object flags. In terms of just that, judging by how some gates are made of cardboard, I wonder if replacing the inoperable/immovable gates with operable ones would suffice. Granted, that's more scripting needing to be done. As for what I've seen on object placement and movement, copying a line from an existing operable gate (rotate on y-axis by default IIRC) would work. Given what little snooping around I've done in the decompiled scripts, there's got to be some catch like there is with most things in modding this game.

    10 mars 2022
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    Great work you've got here. Only thing I can one up are the (meant to be) automatic swingarm and sliding gates. Unsure as to why some work and some don't. I recall on XB1 vanilla (from disc) the swingarms at Richards Majestic rose when either of the three characters drove up to them. They also responded to NPCs pulling in and leaving. Now, I (or some NPC) have to physically hit the gate with the vehicle to force it to rise. Same thing happens with the sliding gates at Michael's house and the Richman Mansion. Used to, I could just drive within a few feet of them and they'd begin opening.

    A little research brought up talk of the sliding gates at LSIA, but nothing much elsewhere. Something having to do with the update where Pegasus was introduced.

    Found a good conversation of operable gates:

    In that, object flags are discussed. I've noticed since day one GTA V some gates aren't operable at all. Example at the entrance of Davis Quartz. It snaps into pieces with even the slightest collision.

    Nothing major on top of the to do list. I don't mind having to bump the gates. Just mind boggling how something as simple as an object at a fixed pivot point and a scripted rotation got broken. And how that happened to story mode players like myself in the first place. Guess just jot it down on the notepad of things Rockstar has derived not-always-online players of.

    Again, great work here. After skimming through the lists of fixes, 90% of them I'd no clue of. Guess it pays to be imperceptive... until the gates stop opening. :)

    8 mars 2022
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    Great work! The most complete save I've come across. Small note, Franklin does not have the Children of the Mountain T-Shirt. Nothing two minutes in-game can't fix, just figured I'd put that out there. Literally everything otherwise is spot on. I'm not even sure how you managed to implement online-only vehicles in the selection menus, but I appreciate that as well.

    25 février 2022