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  • Db2bca custom avatar square

    @Syping Thank you, appreciate it! I stop short of building anything myself, will check it out once it updates.
    @Mayochiki Wow, I'm such an idiot, somehow I always overlooked the map option, I kept taking source photos in the exact location to get the correct target location data XD.

    7 février 2021
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    Hi, I've used this a plenty of times, works wonders. Since you updated recently, thought I'd mention an option I wish it had. Would it be possible to have an option to crop to final aspect ratio (960:536) without image stretching, i.e. do that in a "fill to fit / crop to fit" way, as opposed to stretch-to-fit? That way I wouldn't have to pre-crop files in photoshop / lightroom prior to importing them to gta5view.

    5 janvier 2021
  • Db2bca custom avatar square

    Wow, didn't even expect that. Great! The changelog & description for the newly added setting is ironic XD

    21 décembre 2020
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    @Lozano71 I agree, though I kinda doubt if hook allows control over that?
    @alloc8or Thanks for updating on a rather short notice. I just understand it can be tedious to go back to this after a year. Respect.

    20 décembre 2020
  • Db2bca custom avatar square

    Same here. I guess we can only hope it's something that could be rectified by another scripthook update, perhaps some function is unstable or broken?

    19 décembre 2020
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    @sjaak327 by the way, I'd like to acknowledge that since one of recent updates, the text entry within trainer menu has been fixed. Before, whenever I'd enter letter N, it would not recognize the input and require several key presses to enter it. I don't know whether it really was the trainer's issue, or if it's related to "look back" action which is what my N is bound to, but I just noticed that issue's gone now.

    19 août 2020
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    @Unknown Modder first of all, much thanks for this. FP camera restriction and streaming focus (which I personally used to call LOD policy anchor) were the two issues I faced for the longest time, and this mod is a dream come true. Apparently I lived under a rock (I don't check mods too much), so I just randomly found out about this from whanowa's video.

    Small quirk I discovered: attach_streaming_focus_to_camera variable only works for me when the .ini file is in main game folder (I normally use \asi subfolder for all .asi mods and their .ini setting files). I know it's the default guideline to put everything in main folder, but I'm just pointing this out for people to know. The way I settled this is to have the .ini in main folder, and .asi in \asi subfolder and it works fine.

    Once again, thanks for making this. It was much needed and is a big deal, as profound as EVE release was back in the day.

    15 octobre 2019
  • Db2bca custom avatar square

    @NovaRuk yes, Simple Trainer prevents new cars from despawning. There's a new 9.0 version just released yesterday the same time ScriptHookV got updated, and it can spawn new arena vehicles too.
    To others - OpenIV is working for me ( but I only have x64c.rpf modified with props from GreenScreenMod ), along with OpenCamera and ExtendedVideoExport, but I have them in \asi folder, don't know if that makes a difference. Aside from also Simple Trainer, I got no other mods currently. Also, I have a habit of deleting .log files before each time I start a game ( which probably doesn't matter ).

    19 décembre 2018
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    If it helps anyone, if you have EnableMPCars.asi, remove it. For me, it was causing the crash, and cars don't despawn without it either. (I'm using latest simple trainer btw to spawn)

    18 décembre 2018
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    Finally it's out! Dear gta5-mods team, please consider implementing e-mail notifications, that would be a breeze!

    24 octobre 2018