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    I tried to call a Local SWAT in LS (FIB Unit) but it spawn a police cruiser... Anyone else got the same problem?

    10 décembre 2017
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    Thanks for update but... How to abort calling tow truck service after i called them?

    9 novembre 2017
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    @GooD-NTS Well, it won't say OpenIV has stopped working or blah blah blah... It quits in unexpected way, i don't know why.

    12 octobre 2017
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    After updating OpenIV (version 2.9.1 build 926), it crashes every time as i try to start up.
    I had to retry over and over again until OpenIV started completely.
    Same thing happens whilist attempting to open an .rpf file.
    Anyone got the same problem?

    6 octobre 2017
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    @Kryo4lex Solved it, the issue is not caused by missing NativeUI because i already have it, but it's caused by the .bin of the old version of Smooth Throttle and now is working properly. Sorry for the trouble xD

    9 mars 2017
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    After i updated to 1.2 i already encounterd something like this:
    [00:46:09] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'Smooth_Throttle.Smooth_Throttle' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_E79B2C19' ...
    [00:46:09] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'Smooth_Throttle.Smooth_Throttle' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at Smooth_Throttle.Smooth_Throttle.getStringPressedKeys(List`1 listkeys)
    at Smooth_Throttle.Smooth_Throttle.setupUIMenu()
    at Smooth_Throttle.Smooth_Throttle..ctor()

    8 mars 2017
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    Complimenti per il lavoro, pero testando le handling, l'Alfa Romeo è un po migliorata, ma non accelera molto bene. Mentre la Subaru forester del corpo forestale e la punto della polizia/carabinieri sono da migliorare.
    PS: Posso aggiungerti su Skype?

    3 février 2017
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    @sersediore Tranquillo, fai del tuo meglio! ;)

    17 septembre 2016
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    Davvero ottimo lavoro, lascio un like. Però da migliorare l'handling.

    17 septembre 2016
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    Ottima mod, però potresti fare in modo che anche le poliziotte indossino le divise della polizia italiana.
    (Stessa cosa per la mod della divisa dei carabinieri)

    4 août 2016