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    @HKH191 noob question but how do I add downloaded add-on peds to the model selection list?

    27 janvier 2024
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    @SUM2PROVE @FreeODB Thank you. Worked like a charm

    18 janvier 2024
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    Great mod. It would be cool of there was an option for it to enable automatically. Like a true/false type of thing.

    17 janvier 2024
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    I opened up the OIV file with 7zip and extracted the shoe files for EMF. I'm linking the extracted files below.
    If you want to do it yourself manually here's how I did it:


    1. Make a parent folder I named it "Ultimate Shoe Pack"
    2. Make another folder inside the parent folder I named it "Folders from OIV File"
    3. When you open the OIV files (7zip,WinRar,etc.) you'll see a folder named "content". Open that up
    4. Inside the "content" folder are a bunch of folders named with numbers and letters. Copy all of these folders to the folder you created in Step 2.
    5. Once those are copied, go to your parent folder created in Step 1. In the search bar of your file explorer type a single asterisk *. Nothing else just the asterisk by itself.
    6. Scroll down past the folders that pop up from the search and you should see the .ydd and .ytd files for the shoes. Plus a ymt file.
    7. Select and copy the .ydd, .ytd, .ymt files (NOT the Folders) and paste them into the Parent folder from Step 1.
    8. Now that the files are extracted you can delete the folder from Step 2 and you'll have access to the shoe files for EMF.
    9. Repeat this process for the Update 1 pack

    16 janvier 2024
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    @mcal9909 thanks you! I really enjoy this mod. I tried resetting the mod by re-installing. Everything reset except that when I get texts for drug deliveries the quantity is still as high as my old rep level before I reset. So basically I'm back at rep level 1, but I get requests for 32oz+ of whatever drug I'm dealing. Do you know of a way to fix this?

    26 décembre 2020