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    Ok first off great update I really like the features and new additions you added!! Secondly there’s a few things you gotta add like for instance you are missing three weapons the Heavy Rifle, Tactical Smg and the Battle Rifle. Also you gotta make the helicopters fly lowered they fly way to high and they don’t seem to use the heli’s weaponry. If you can make them behave like the police helicopter and provide fire support. Maybe you can take a look at how this mod handles its npc driven weaponize vehicles like helis and planes and get a idea to implement into yours, it handles flying vehicles really good imo if you can figure out how to make the air vehicles more useful that will bring this already amazing mod up to spectacular.

    23 mars 2024
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    @lucasvinbr No problem! Also I think you messed up motorcycles in this update when members spawn with a motorcycle they just stay in the spot they spawned at. And one more thing can you make a option to make gang members stay riding inside helicopters and shoot from them, instead of them jumping out once they see enemy’s?

    9 juillet 2023
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    @lucasvinbr Sure, no problem! The weapons you are missing are the WM 29 Pistol, Heavy Rifle, Precision Rifle, Service Carbine, Candy Cane Melee Weapon, and the Tactical SMG those are the ones that I noticed are missing.

    17 juin 2023
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    I see that you updated the mod with helis, awesome!!!!! Did you also add any of the other weapons cause you are missing quite a few?

    11 juin 2023
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    @Bawlstretchr5 Make sure you put the files in patchday8ng and make sure you have a mods folder, It should work.

    16 février 2023
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    @S_K I'm glad you like it! I try to release a update tomorrow to make the wing optional.

    8 février 2023
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    Is there anyway to add any of the new weapons? Any time I try to add them it’s just keeps resetting the mod options.

    1 février 2023
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    @lucasvinbr Ok I tried that, but all it did was give the ped a missing texture effect even though there’s multiple textures available. Also is it possible to add new buyable weapons, cause I tried adding the new guns but it’s just kept resetting the ModOptions.

    21 janvier 2023
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    Great mod! It’s very fun you did a great job with it, but I do have a question regarding peds. Is there a way to make them spawn with random indexes like textures or clothing?

    19 janvier 2023