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  • 417a6a krawhatchı

    Can we use our own addon ped instead of creating a new character ???
    Someone please answer

    19 juillet 2021
  • 417a6a krawhatchı

    That is probably the best script mod that i have ever installed
    keep up the good work
    Just a humble advice of mine is that the missions are bit too few to play and you can easily get bored if you attend to replay them
    I know you are working on new missions and i will be waiting for them

    17 juillet 2021
  • 417a6a krawhatchı

    The solution of
    FileNotFoundException at GTA.UI.DrawTexture(Stringfilename, Int32 index, Int32level, Int32 time, Point pos, PointF center, Size size, Single rotation, Color color, Single aspectRatio)
    is actually simple. You just have to put DetectiveJob folder and DetectiveJob.ini inside of your scripts folder with .dll file
    I tried to install it using instructions however instructions says that .dll file would be enough to make it work but it is not
    so i put all the files except readme into my scripts and it works now

    13 juillet 2021
  • 417a6a krawhatchı

    I can't use my phone and everything after restarting my game
    and then there are some BIN files inside the folder in scripts which were not there before
    Can someone please help me solve this i really want to use this mod

    12 juillet 2021
  • 417a6a krawhatchı

    I really want to know if i can change my player model in game

    8 juillet 2021