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    @LyublyuDetei but why do some people don't have any problems with that? I have installed now 2 car mods and both don't have any lights. I really don't want to edit every car I add.

    26 août 2020
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    @LoekBraceFace I stopped throwing my games into program files, just put it in the main drive in a Games folder. Not only are the spaces in the folder names horrible(and also windy and long), but also the folder permissions are getting messed with by windows constantly.

    I know laziness and all, but in the end it makes all other things(especially modding) much easier and faster.

    27 mai 2020
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    @bassygreay Right now we are trying to start the patch by itself without any modifications to GTA5. But it is not working, as soon as you try to start story mode, it will crash during the loading screen.

    The author wrote above that values from the standard gameconfig should be fine for this patch to start, so that's my baseline of trying right now.

    26 mai 2020
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    @alexguirre With the EGS version and newest ScriptHook from the pinned comment on the site here, absolutely no modded GTAV and this patch still crashes the game.

    25 mai 2020
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    If you go to and check out the pinned comment, then you can finally install a normal ScriptHook version, with that this mod and other scripts worked perfect for me! :)

    25 mai 2020
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    @catepilar @ikt
    The tip from ikt worked great, thanks! finally I can install some scripts and more mods!

    Explooooosion! :P

    25 mai 2020
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    So basically the best call right now, no matter what version, wait for Scripthook to update and then kick out Openhook and be finally able to install other mods/scripts/etc....

    23 mai 2020
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    @Rodrig0_mv We probably have to wait for the Scripthook update. Openhook is not supported by most mods.(also the new GTA version in general is also not supported yet really something something)

    23 mai 2020
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    @catepilar Ah sorry it is mentioned above, the issue is OpenHook, it uses different function calls as Scripthook and therefore makes the mod crash and not work.

    I guess we have to wait for Scripthook then?

    23 mai 2020
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    @catepilar Yeah having the same problem, also LeFix speedometer is not showing up. Looks like something in the Epic Store version is interfering with the mods.

    [13:01:45.773] [ INFO ] Manual Transmission v4.7.1 (built Mar 2 2020 21:40:52)
    [13:01:45.774] [ INFO ] Game version -1
    [13:01:45.774] [WARNING] Unsupported game version! Update your game.
    [13:01:45.774] [ INFO ] Running executable: C:\Games\Epic Games\GTAV\GTA5.exe
    [13:01:45.774] [ INFO ] File Version: 1.0.1868.4
    [13:01:45.774] [WARNING] Version mismatch!
    [13:01:45.774] [WARNING] Detected: VER_1_0_1868_0_STEAM
    [13:01:45.774] [WARNING] Reported: -2
    [13:01:45.775] [WARNING] Using detected version (VER_1_0_1868_0_STEAM)
    [13:01:45.775] [ INFO ] Script registered
    [13:02:34.754] [ INFO ] Script started
    [13:02:34.780] [ INFO ] [Settings] Timers: Stopped after 0 timers
    [13:02:34.780] [ INFO ] Settings read
    [13:02:34.780] [ INFO ] Configs loaded: 0
    [13:02:34.882] [ ERROR ] Couldn't find GetModelInfo
    [13:02:35.315] [ INFO ] Setting up TrainerV compatibility
    [13:02:35.315] [ INFO ] TrainerV.asi not found
    [13:02:35.315] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Initializing input devices
    [13:02:35.315] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Setting up DirectInput interface
    [13:02:35.363] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Found 0 device(s)
    [13:02:35.363] [ INFO ] [Wheel] No devices detected
    [13:02:35.363] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Steering wheel initialization finished
    [13:02:35.364] [ INFO ] START: Initialization finished
    [13:02:44.781] [ INFO ] Checking for updates
    [13:04:13.020] [ INFO ] Configs loaded: 0
    [13:04:47.828] [ FATAL ] [ NPC ] Caught exception 0xC0000005
    [13:04:47.828] [ FATAL ] [ NPC ] Exception address 0x00007FF99CA93337
    [13:04:47.828] [ FATAL ] Exception in NPC thread?

    23 mai 2020