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  • Gtao63

    @aallamy553 ok that's great I would be honored to do that....I would even put your logo or desired graphic on some billboards in the footage.....

    This project I'm working on is likely to get alot of attention due to the people that in tied the case that it gets big/ goes viral I would like to work out a paying situation down the line because you have a skill that's worth money to me and my team....

    Do you have an Instagram perhaps? I can be contacted on IG @ the name "omojoda"

    15 juin 2022
  • Gtao63

    Do you do works for hire? I want to add heads of my friends / celebs to peds I can make OBJ on blender

    14 juin 2022
  • Gtao63

    I've installed this but don't know where to find I pull it up in menyoo?...if so please let me know where

    22 novembre 2021