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    need help, I can't seem to spawn any of the new weapons or vehicles using a trainer. I mainly use zolika's trainer but none of the criminal enterprises stuff isn't there

    22 septembre 2022
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    @HeySlickThatsMe I just came here to say I'm very excited to check out the new addon version! I loved using this rifle in the game and it's just a shame that it causes some of the newer addon gun muzzle textures to glitch out so am very excited this rifle is getting an update! Good luck!

    31 mai 2022
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    @Bob_Hunt are you using Dilapidated's gameconfig ( that was my problem. I was using some other gameconfig and used poolmanager to determine the cause of the crash. According to the log cpickupdata in the gameconfig I was using was limited. When I checked the gameconfig I was unable to find the cpickupdata pool. When I checked out dilapidated's gameconfig I saw that it had experimental features to increase the limits to add-on mods beyond just vehicles and maps. After installing his gameconfig the game worked perfectly. @W.. @WildBrick142 just a heads up if you want to include this particular gameconfig as a prerequisite to this mod. Cheers well done!

    29 mai 2022
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    @Algonquin Hood No worries, I'm sorry to get back to you now took a break from GTA while scripthook updated. Changed the number and it worked like a charm thanks for getting back to me.

    16 mai 2022
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    @Algonquin Hood Great mod, I did encounter one issue though not sure if it's a bug or a compatibility issue on my end. For some reason, I'm unable to tint the cars windows, change the rims, or add any of the Primo3 specific customizations like grills and spoilers. I can change the car's colors and most default customizations work. I've tried with 3 different trainers. I have a bunch of add-on car mods installed in my game and have only encountered this issue on this and one other car. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks for making this great mod.

    19 avril 2022
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    @Tomskii The installation instructions say to add /stardust/ to the dlc list though the file in X64/dlcpacks is "jd_stardust" make sure its named "jd_stardust" in the dlclist.xml. Great job @johndoe968 though just wanted to point this out.

    1 avril 2022
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    Hi, I've been loving these amazing addon mods, however I have had a small issue I'm hoping for some help with. I want to recreate the exact build of this rifle in the 3rd screenshot, but the Kalash 2 (and Kalash1) stock textures are glitching. In your addon components mod I see that the attachments draw from existing texture files but I'm not sure which mods to delete to fix this. I have wiped out most of my replaced weapons files but the stock is still glitched. Is there any way to determine which textures a specific mod from the addon folder needs to be standard? Any help would be appreciated.

    20 février 2022
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    @Tenaglia yeah, it's because there are now 2 Cheetah2s and 2 APCs since Rockstar added them in the Gunrunning update. Have you tried customizing the car? I got the upgrades for Rockstar's Cheetah2 on the original except out of place and buggy. The only two options would be to get rid of this mod for now and wait until the latest update becomes available, or revert to a pre-Gunrunning build of GTA V.

    5 juillet 2017
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    @jedijosh920 Thank you!

    30 octobre 2016