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  • 7fde2a newdeluca avatar large2

    @plantedclover Not sure I understand what you're saying... Simply change your skin with a trainer, visit a LSPDFR police station, or use the EUP menu if you're using that plugin as well.

    8 juin 2021
  • 7fde2a newdeluca avatar large2

    @BockRottom Either visit my Modding Index, or hop in my Discord for personally assistance. Make sure you have the most recent version of LSPDFR and RageNativeUI. If you can send me a link to your ragepluginhook log we can resolve this issue.

    Thank you for trying my plugin out!

    8 juin 2021
  • 7fde2a newdeluca avatar large2

    How are you getting the Midrange Apartment interior to load?

    23 mai 2021
  • 7fde2a newdeluca avatar large2

    It's been awhile since an update so just a little preview of some WIP content. Mainly showing the new domestic dispute callout featuring interior usage. As of now I only have two fitting interiors to work with. Hopefully a variety of add-on interiors will be coming in another future update. A lot of the groundwork is done. Focus will shift to bug fixes and fine tuning with a 0.4 release date hopefully coming soon. All major releases can be found here, and more in-depth details and updates can be found on my personal index. As always feedback and positive criticism is welcome, and thank you to everyone for over 18,000+ total downloads of County Callouts!

    6 février 2021