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Here's another public service for you! This time its Los Santos County Coroner turn.

Much like other vanilla services like Los Santos Fire Department or the Paramedics, the LSCC will send a Coroner van with two guys to pick up any dead bodies on the street.

LSPDFR support has been added as of 1.3.
This means the coroner service will stop spawning when you're a cop, to let you call of them ONLY if you need, using the cheats below.
You can change this in the configuration file.

Be sure to check the changelog below!

"call coroner" - calls for the coroner to pick up any dead bodies.
"mark ped" - marks nearby peds for the coroner to pick up.
"activesearch" - toggles active search.

For script developers
Coroner Service now supports script requests to pick up dead peds. It works by reading decorators on the player and requested peds.

- Any ped with the integer decorator 'HandledByCoroner' will be picked up by the coroner van. 0 means its on the queue, 1 means its currently being processed by the Coroner guys.

- The playerped integer decorator 'CoronerDispatched' will tell you the current Service status.
-1 = Not active in the world. Default.
0 - 5 = The service is spawned and picking up bodies. 0 - 5 mean which phase of the process is currently active, 5 being "finished the job, we're leaving".
-2 = The service will actively look for dead peds to pick up, but will stop looking for them once it has found at least one, and revert to -1.

- The Playerped boolean decorator 'ActiveSearch' controls wether the service is actively looking for dead peds to pick up. Unlike the -2 value on CoronerDispatched, it will keep looking for peds forever until disabled.
ActiveSearch can be toggled automatically by this very script if you enable DisableActiveSearchWhenCop in CoronerService.ini.

As long as there is one ped in the script's queue, a coroner van will spawn to pick it up.

Feel free to contact me for more information or support for this feature.

Reccomended mods
- Any coroner van mod.
- True coroners, or any other coroner ped mod.

Main features
- All dead bodies in the streets will be picked up by the Coroner service now.
- Fully automatic system. They do their job on their own, without any player input needed.
- Configurable: you can select the van and ped model, and whether cop presence is required to notify the coroner or not, among other features.

Minor-but-nice Features
These features are details related to the Coroners' behavior. Nothing grounbreaking, but improves the overall quality of the mod and the user's experience.

- Victims: If new victims appear while the Coroner unit is working, they'll be queued and the coroner will pick up those too. This is true even if the coroner is already leaving!
- Driving & Parking: I've tried my best to make these guys not come in smashing into everything, and actually trying to park somewhere out of the way, so traffic can flow while they're doing their job. Usually they park on the sidewalk.

Other details:
- Within the coroner team, there's a defined Leader and an Assistant. You'll notice the Assistant will do all the job while the leader just stares and takes notes. This is on purpose!
- The coroners will only use the van's lights only when parked.
- Victims inside a car will be pulled out by the assistant when possible.
- The leader will attempt to figure out the victim's cause of death.
- If any of the coroners dies, the remaining one will flee in the van, and no more coroners will dispatch for some time. Don't worry though, the next coroner will pick up the dead colleagues too.
- Each coroner van can take up to five bodies. When its full, they will leave and another van will be dispatched.

Future plans
- LSPDFR and EUP compatiblity. LSPDFR and Dangerous Individuals done.
- Make the coroners hold the bodybag properly. Done.
- Allow for multiple coroner models. Right now the script only takes one.
- Add compatiblity with the Towing Service mod.
- Make the coroners use the dragging animation to move around the victims.
- Any other suggestions you guys may have.

All files go into (GTA V Folder)/Scripts/.
If you don't have it, congratulations, this is your first script.
Create the scripts folder and put them there.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

TheF3nt0n and 11john11 for the Coroner van I've used as the main vehicle for the script, and the RDE team playtesting and help instructing me on how the coroners should do their thing.

I'm not very experienced with that service, after all.

- Made the Coroners friends with the cops and other emergency services.
In theory.
- Optimized script performance.
- Made the coroners properly hold the bodybags.
- Added Status notifications if you're a cop.
- Fixed a date issue that crashed the script.
- Implemented a few Decorators so other scripts can request the Coroner service.
- Added a few cheats.
- Various fixes.
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