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Hello there!

I'm back with some more Supes goodness.


Version 6.0

Added Taylor Hoechlin's Superman suit from Supergirl's tv show.


Version 5.0

Added Lois & Clark's tv show suit.
Added Superman Returns movie suit.
Fixed Superman III Evil suit.

Version 4.0

Added the two suits George Reeves wore on The Adventures of Superman tv show from the 50's


Version 3.0

I added the Superman Red/Blue suits from the 90's comics. They were quite controversial, but they're cool for playing. I also updated the Superman The Movie suit with some change in the colours.

If you guys have any request or thoughts, lemme know.


Version 2.0

Been away from the game and i saw @Barak101 updated his BvS Superman model (wich is amazing btw), so i decided to update some of the suits and also put some new ones.

Besides the updated Superman The Movie and evil Supes from Superman III, i made the Red Son suit and the Kingdom Come as well.

I also added the .ini files for the superman mod. To install, please follow the instructions here:



Ok so, now you got a bunch of differents suits to choose from. From the first Superman on television to almost the last (i'll make Supergirl's Superman soon).



This is Chris Reeve's outfit from the first movie. It's just a texture for @Barak101 amazing BvS model. (Thank you for your awesome work). You can find it right here:

-To install it, just replace the texture files inside the Superman folder that should be inside the addon peds folder with OpenIV. -

THIS IS NOT A MODEL. ONLY A TEXTURE. For detailed instructions on how to install the model please follow barak101's instructions on his post.

More stuff coming really soon.

I added @Barak101 models as well so you can have more than one installed. So for installation just follow the add-on ped method:

Plase dont forgett that i only worked on this textures. Barak101 is the real hero here since it's his model. Support him as you can.

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