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VERY IMPORTANT!! If you're planning to install the no props version and to not get the failed zlib call, go to mods/x64e.rpf/models/cdimages/pedprops.rpf. And remove the followings:
a_f_y_vinewood_02_p.ytd, a_f_y_vinewood_02_p.ydd, a_f_o_soucent_02_p.ytd, and a_f_o_soucent_02_p.ydd, and lastly, a_m_y_soucent_04_p.ytd and a_m_y_soucent_04_p.ydd

This mod adds the maximum of 26 clothing textures to the ambient peds of South Central Old Female 2, South Central Young Male 4 and Vinewood Female 2. And no need to worry as their vanilla game clothing stayed and none of it was replaced. But follow this installation really closely before you drag and drop it into your OpenIV mods folder. Also there are two ymts because I got rid of their props which was their hats, shades or whatever. Use the Prop Version folder if you want them with their hats or shades to spawn with them.

And yes currently this took me like 4 to 5 days to add the maximum textures to these peds and there are currently three. But stay tuned as there will be more in the future.

What's new in South Central Old Female 2:
Added one new hair color to the 000, a new hair color to the 001, and 4 new hair colors to the cap version.

What's new in Vinewood Female 2:
Added one new head texture for both 000 and 001 and made her have lipstick as well as recolored nails.
Added two more hair colors to both of her hairs which was the short hair and the long hair. Colors for short were dirty blonde and ginger. For long, it was dark black and ash blonde.

A_f_y_vinewood_02.ymt and ytd installation:
Using OpenIV, drag and drop both a_f_y_vinewood_02.ymt and a_f_y_vinewood_02.ytd into the following path:
GTA V/mods/ x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/componentpeds_a_f_y.rpf

A_f_o_soucent_02.ymt and ytd installation:
Using OpenIV, drag and drop both a_f_o_soucent_02.ymt and a_f_o_soucent_02.ytd into the following path:
GTA V/mods/ x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/componentpeds_a_f_o.rpf

A_m_y_soucent_04.ymt and ytd installation:
Using OpenIV, drag and drop both a_m_y_soucent_04.ymt and a_m_y_soucent_04.ytd into the following path:
GTA V/mods/ x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/componentpeds_a_m_y.rpf
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