Gameconfig (1.0.1868.1/4) Crash Fix for Addon Vehicles and Peds 1.0.1868.4 for Epic Games

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Hello! This is a Gameconfig for Version 1.0.1868.1/4 for GTA V


Some People say it works some not, I'm currently working on it!
If it Dosen't work tell me wich version you use ( Epic Games or Rockstar Games )
and +- How many Addons you have

Important! Download Theese!

Installation of the 2 above are simple:
Just Put the packfile and heatlimit into the base GTA V Folder!


Installation for the Gameconfig is included when downloading!

Open openIV and Go to: mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
And replace the Gameconfig with the old one



What Does this Gameconfig Do?
It makes so If you have lots of Addon cars and Peds your game won't crash.

What does this gameconfig change from the other one?
It changes the Max Vehicles number Preset from rockstar To a Higher So you can have more Addon cars.

Is There a Difference From the Versions 1.0.1868.1 and 4 ?
NO, there is no difference, But i made it Easier for new players / modders to comprehend what to install, or so they don't have to find for other gameconfigs.


If You have any Problems after installing the gameconfig tell me them in the comments!

I talk English, French and German So You can choose whats the easiest for You


Thank you for downloading if you do!
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