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Classic controls for the controller/gamepad, as (present/available) in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. This mod replaces the standard configuration of the controls for the controller, by a classic configuration. Usable only in story mode and not online of course.


OpenIV software


With OpenIV, replace by the edited files in the zip...




or (after backup of the original files) in...



To be able to aim in vehicles, the handbrake is: RT/R2
Also, leaning forward in a vehicle is the same* key as changing weapon: LT/L2
Other than that, normally it's like in GTA IV, San Andreas...
*only in 1.0 and 2.0


- About the note at the end in the ReadMe.txt file of 3.0.1 version, apparently the impossibility to lock targets (with the AIM control: R1 with this mod, if AIM+SHOOTING is selectionned in the settings of the controller in game) in bike/car/truck..., is not a problem of configuration of the controls of this mod. Since the 1.0.1290.1 update, even with the default configuration, personally I have this problem too (offline and online), who is visibly known, but that I can not solve.

- Concerning 3.0 version, CLASSIC L is not functional I think. I understood only after, that for left-handed controls, it is the southpaw files that must be edited.


- and Cheepnis for the location and names of the configuration files of the controls, here:
- The OpenIV Team and anyone who made the mods possible in GTA V
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