Unrealistic Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul 1.7.5


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don't reupload under any circumstances.

hope you enjoy the mod! :)


whats new 1.7.5
-massive overhaul to jumproll's bracing and how the character reacts to ground impacts
-fixed bug where when crashing into a wall/car in a bike you would either:
1 -get launched into the air
2 -die instantly because your character
clipped into a car
-jumproll leg pedal changes
-looser ragdoll
-fixed the terrible fred.xml mess that was created in 1.7 - makes it easier for me to work on
-small fixes

whats beta 1.7
-Overhauled bracing!!!
-Overhauled highfallstart!!
-Overhauled gunshot reactions!
-Improved Bailouts
-Added weaponsmeta
-fixed car grabbing issues
-bouncier physics

-A ton of other stuff I forgot!

whats new beta 1.6
-rolling improvements (damping, friction, reactions, stiffness, spinning etc.)
-trying out staggerfall instead of configurebalance for gunshots
-improvements to highfall (damping, friction, reactions, stiffness etc.)
-improvements to windshield stuff (damping, reactions, spinning, etc.)
-fixes to wacky stuff
-minor velocity improvements

whats new 1.5:
- actually the biggest update
- got close-to-gta-4 bailout reactions (use a character with the same clothes and proportions as niko for best results)
- all new falling, rolling and velocity
- fixed the bug where you would lose velocity if you dived off a bike mid air
- lowered friction to give a smoother, more accurate ragdoll
- gunshots majorly improved
- crashing through windshields and off of motorcycles improved
- all new bracing
- no more rigid bracing
- other stuff i forgot
misc: added .oiv package
whats new version 1.4:
- doesnt seem like a big update but all the reactions for falling and bailout and other stuff are majorly improved
- different falling stiffness and flexibility as well as gravity for different body types
- made velocity better
- messed with the bracing a little
- improved bail-outs by a lot
- improved stiffness
- bullet reactions improved a little
Whats New Version 1.3:
- Biggest Update Yet!
- Gta 4 Velocity and Gravity (Credit to Synthetic Outlaw for finding out how to remove the limits!)
- New Falling reactions!
- Reworked gunshots a little
- New Bail Out reactions!
- New Crash Reactions!
- Better Rolling!
- No More Balancing :(
- Other stuff
- Thats all for now!
What's New Version 1.2:
-you spin more when falling now
-better gunshot reactions
-working on driving into peds
-fist and kick reactions
-other stuff i forgot
What's New Version 1.1:
new superHighFall rolling and falling (bodyWrithe)
switched from staggerFall to configureBalance for fall-balancing
gunshots make people stagger more
minor stuff
What's New Version 1.0:
-i changed literally all falling reactions
-balancing can now occur when you fall from a short height
-gunshot reactions highly improved
-headshot reactions changed
-peds now have a sense of self preservation (they grab edges when in the ragdoll state)
-better bailout
-better crashing
-currently working on balancing & gunshot reactions.

What's New Version 0.7
-made staggering after a shot a little stiffer (not by a lot)
-other various changes
What's New Version 0.6
-highly improved bodyshots when u use ARs
-highly improved HighFall reactions
-minor friction changes
-made headshot reactions last longer sometimes
-other stuff i forgot
What's New Version 0.5
-improved bodyshot reactions(wip)
-may have changed falling a little idk
-headshots are a little better
-other small stuff i forgot
what's new version 0.4
-improved falling
-highly improved friction, no more sliding around
-better rolling
-new gunshot reactions
-better bail-out reactions
This mod aims to change the boring ragdoll physics of regular GTA 5 by adding new shit such as:
-new falling reactions
-new friction values
-bullet reactions changed a little
-running peds over is more satisfying
-bouncy ragdolls
-other stuff I forgot but are cool

put the physicstasks file into mod/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune
put wilma, wilma large, fred and fredlarge into mods/common.rpf/data/naturalmotion

bugs I found so far: rare weird back thing when falling
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