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This mod simulates a power outage across the whole of Los Santos during stormy conditions, during nightfall.


Choose whether you want the standard version (Dark from 12 noon till 3pm) [In the Standard Folder], or the permanent
night version (Dark forever!) [In the Full-Day Blackout Folder].

Use OpenIV to copy the w_thunder.xml file from the corresponding folder to the following directory:

"GTA V Directory Here"\update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle\

A Backup version of the original xml is provided in the miscellaneous folder in case something screws up or you want to revert
to the original. Also included is the previous version of this mod.


This mod, modifies the timecycle file for the thunderstorm weather so that at 12 noon, the sky reverts to that of nightfall,
albeit a lot darker. The GTA V lighting system (Building lights, Streetlights, Porch lights etc.) is tied to the time, whereas
the weather and sky is tied to this timecycle file, meaning, that at 12 noon while using stormy weather, the lights will be out,
and this mod will bring up an incredibly night time sky and ambience, rather than the noon sky, therefore simulating a
black-out experience where the electricity is out and there is a storm bearing down on you. The reason for it simulating nightfall
is because that's the only time you'll notice a black-out fully. Plus, it'll make it an extra challenge when trying to fly a
helicopter around the city.


Use an in-game trainer to set the weather to "Stormy" and pause said weather. Then, set the time from 12 noon to 3pm and pause the time as well.


"Tsunami Mod" By Bone34 - I recommend using that, with this mod since you can modify the water level of GTA V with that and make it look
like there's a hurricane bearing down on you. It'll give you a little extra challenge when completing missions or when hanging out.

A Native Trainer that allows you to set and pause the weather as well as the time - It is almost required that you either have
Native Trainer, Enhanced Native Trainer, or some other in-game trainer that allows you to pause the time and weather otherwise you
have no way of controlling this mod.

A Chaos Mod of some sort - Try maintaining peace when half of Los Santos is blacked out.


V1.1: -Initial Release

V1.2: -Fixed a problem where being even mere minutes past 12 noon caused the landscape to become significantly brighter, due to the
massive transition cycle from night to day in a single hour. The solution is that darkness now lasts from 12 noon until ~3pm for
the standard version.

-Added a permanent darkness version that completely removes the daytime cycle from the thunderstorm weather, for those who desire
permanent night and blackness. Lights still come on from ~6pm to ~6am though.


For some reason, the top of the sky comes out quite a bright shade of white (Screenshots show it). Trying to fix it, though everything
else is pretty dark. (Still not fixed! It's probably due to the sky textures itself.)

Streetlights and building lights still come on at nighttime since that's locked to the time, and not this file.


Non that I know, so far.


-Blackouts on additional weather cycles such as Clear, rainy, foggy, overcast etc.

-Still trying to darken the clouds and find a way to permanently turn off the ambient lighting.

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