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Need to have POSTFX enabled.

Mod Changes:
Work done on wind evolution thresholds
Leaves and dust and motes should stir up more on windy days,
leaves should fall a bit more often.
On a nice day you can find more butterflies.
Future work includes underwater effects and water bubbles/mist.
(video Coming soon)

Added underwater emitters.
particles underwater last longer and are a bit bigger.
Cant remove rabbits and replace with rats.

ADDED DROPS/MIST/GROUND settings to Weather file.
(only one drop allowed)
Setting extensions include:
more settings to coming in the future.

Small increase in dust motes.
Small leaves enabled.
Leaves fall more when windy.
Impetus thresholds for trees and leaves reduced.
More dust while windy.
More Exotic fish added into day.(does not include anything from popcycle)
Larger increase in insects.
Flies are BIGGER, last longer, and bother the shit out of you!
FireFlies are BIGGER, last longer, and are hella hard to find.
(brighter if close to a light)(still need help with getting a screenshot of them)
Added birds on electrical lines.
Increased Cyclists/ Hikers/LifeGuards/Paparazzi
REPLACED ALL rabbits WITH rats.

The hunt is on to find some fireflies.
Take screen shots PLEASE!

New Firefly emitters, in weather folder.
Fireflies last longer, bigger emitter.
Increased visibility of closeup to fireflies
Fireflies now last way longer & are seen from further away.
(optional) Other emitters size & faze distance changed.
Snow entities enabled & increased.

*Testing more fly/moth swarms to increase fireflies.(need help with this)
*New Files included* Firefly increased visibility.
Optional: AmbientpedModelSets x2 ANIMAL ACTIVITY x4 SHARK ACTIVITY
Except cats & rabbits: reduced(needs work)
Topless probability dramatically increased!
Max Wind Evolution for windy entities increased.
Wind vs. Grass/Leaves/Litter increased.
Wind vs. Dust increased.
Live wires spark a bit more during high winds.
Added Floating Debris sewage and rivers
Tropical Fish now in daytime.

Impetus thresholds lowered for the following:
____MIN____Original vs Modded v3.0
Bush Leaves--1800 vs. 1300
Electrical--1800 vs. 1300
Tree Dust--10000 vs. 8000
Leaves--1800 vs. 1300
(Impetus meaning amount of energy needed to generate a result)
(Lowering the threshold = easier results)
____MAX____Original vs Modded v3.0
Bush Leaves--7000 vs. 5000
Electrical--7000 vs. 5000
Tree Dust--25000 vs. 20000
Leaves--7000 vs. 5000

Cig smoke lingers longer.
Improvements to ambients
Time FX stay adjusted.
Some wind and rain adjustments.
Nigh_prob_mult values increased for some ambients
river mist generator now always on.

MANY ambient effects ENABLED!
more wind dust, gusts, debris, leaves, water main drips, bubbles,
more ambient garbage, dust off ground, dust motes(particles), and butterflies and moths!
most effects stay now all the time not depending what time of day or weather.
some effects matched to weather only(water fx drip fx ...)
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