Gunz Really Clappin Sound Mod (COD MW 2019 Sounds mix) 4.0


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This mod makes the lame ahh sounds badass and realistic. I am new to modding and this is my first mod so don't expect too much. Mod improves gun sounds, bullet whizzes, bullet cracks, explosion sounds and body dropping sounds.

Installation Instructions:

Easy install

open oiv install folder

then open up OpenIV and click edit mode

DO FIRST!!!! drag and drop UpdatePart1.oiv in OpenIV and install to mods folder

DO SECOND!!! drag and drop UpdatePart2.oiv in OpenIV and install to mods folder


No dlc install (fivem) lmk if it works with five i dont use it

drag and drop resident.rpf and weaponsplayer.rpf in mods\x64\audio\sfx or no OpenIV Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx



CHANGELOG: update 4.0

Added new DLC weapon sound (Heavy rilfe)

New pistol sounds

Changed some explosion sounds

New distant shot sounds

added some new bullet whizzes

OIV Update

-added OIV install

Gunz REALLY Clappin Update V.3


-Added DLC

-New sounds for pistols

-New sounds for smgs

-New sounds for shotguns

-New rifle sounds

-New MG sounds

-New railgun sounds

-New distant shots

-New explosion sounds

-New body drop sounds

-MicroSMG is louder

-LMGs are louder



-Most of the gun sounds are changed now so you don't gotta change the weapons.meta

-Added Assault Machine Gun and Assault Rifle sounds

-New Advanced Rifle and Bullpup rifle sounds

-New pistol silencer sounds

-New explosion sound

-Louder Pistol50 and CombatPistol sounds

-Louder Shotgun sounds

-Changed SMG sound a bit


I do not own any of these sounds they are from COD MW 2019 and GTA V

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