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The Renault 4, was the first front-wheel drive family car produced by Renault between 1961 and 1994. In 30 years abut 8 million units were produced.The best-selling French car ever!

I downloaded many Renault 4 models, but it seems it is all the same model. That model is in GTA SA, GTA4, "farming simulator" , "city drive"... everywhere. As I wanted to make something different i kept on searching... and finally I found this: (thanks to "lazaromartinezsanchez").

As it was just bodyshell I had to make the rest. I could adapt some parts from "4L" (rear lights and engine ) but most of it I had to create myself. As my plan is to try to make a car "from zero" next year, this was a good workout.
I wanted to make 1967-1974 model of R4, so I created grill, dashboard, steereng wheel, heating console, old logos.. and many other small details. It took time. Maybe this isn't the best car I brought to GTAV , but, for now, this is the car I gave more time then to any other car.

I also created fonts textures for the PLATES, but I created it invert, so car spawns with dark or yellow plates. If you want it other way just extract "fonts2eu1" texture, make negative of it (white on black instead black on white), and replace it. Shape of the plates are as this car used to have, but plates spawn with random text. You can customize it. As I know that some people hate "non-San Andreas" plates, I included original plates in both versions of the car. For replace version (Blista) rear San Andreas plates is extra, and it spawns with some cars over vintage plate. You can put it or remove it. Front San Andreas plate for Blista you can put on bumper as the tuning part. AddOn version has plates as linked tuning part (through front bumper).

Both versions of the car have old bonnet (1961-67 model) as tuning part. AddOn version also has working towing hook as the extra, so you can tow a trailer.For Blista towing hook is tuning part, but it is not functional - just decoration. .... and yes - breakable glass,dirt,dust,scratches,damage,burnt,inner glass does not turn black after upgrade..., I tested all I could remember and it all works fine. If I forgot something, please forgive me.
LODs (polygons):

high ..... 125.000
low........ 3.300
very low.... 575

Installation instructions come with the file.

That's it, enjoy! I hope you will like it, and I hope to bring next car around Christmas.

Naj Potez, 13.XI.2019.
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